Meet City Lifestyle Publisher Julie Janke

Momma and outdoor enthusiast

Love to Travel

I went to Italy on a solo adventure this summer. First time ever in Europe and my dream was Italy. I met up with a yoga retreat and met new friends and fell in love with the landscapes, food and people.

Hiking and Adventure

Hiking in Washington with the kids. We love the PNW. They chose Washington to celebrate their 21st birthday. I love that I passed my love of the outdoors on to my kids!

Ski Days with the Kids

Skiing with my kids has become a family tradition and one of our favorite past times. Our ski days always include endless laughs as we never take ourselves too seriously. 

Family is Everything

Celebrating birthdays and family. My sister and I have birthdays a week apart, so my dad took us to Moab to explore and laugh endlessly, just like when we were kids.

Golf is a Passion

Golfing outside of Denver. I am always finding new challenges, new courses, new horizons, and new mindsets to embrace. The small things in life bring the greatest pleasure. 

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