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Meet Dave's Custom Millwork

For Dave, it all started with his second favorite class in high school in Toledo Ohio, a woodshop/furniture making class (his first favorite class was naturally Home Ec, which is where you made cookies and met all the girls — yet again, the woodshop class was where he'd get stoned before class and go play with power tools). He took to the shop life immediately, making lamps, small tables with lathe-turning, and more.

When he was 20, he moved to Arizona. For a time, he worked at a high-end custom shop in Phoenix. Dreaming to have his own shop and clientele and more control over the direction of the projects, he turned to his father Bill Perrin, who owned what is now Arizona's oldest stained glass studio, Art Glass of Arizona. Bill had crafted many commercial projects for local architects on churches, and even the dome at Castles and Coasters (then Golf N. Stuff). But he had also done quite a few residential projects with stained glass particularly in the Biltmore/PV area, Finisterre neighborhood, and for many of the Hyatt residences and resorts. Often these residential projects incorporated cabinetry. The two decided to partner up and change the name to Art Glass & Millwork of Az, working many years as father and son side by side and gaining a reputation for creative resolutions for architects and designers.

Following the marriage of Dave and Meara in 2002, Dave decided to branch out on his own and start Dave's Custom Millwork. Since then, he has crafted cabinetry in the homes of many residents throughout the Valley, many for the 2nd and 3rd, time over the years for the same clients. He is known for timeliness, cleanliness, creative resolutions, being able to use other materials such as acrylic for drawer inserts such as make- up drawers, glass, metals, and more. His most rewarding types of projects are boutique furniture pieces for designers, challenges that require an engineering mindset, and contemporary projects that demand specific detail to be mastered.