Meet Dr. Earl Stewart

His holistic approach to patient care

Originally from Augusta, Dr. Earl Stewart knew he wanted to eventually settle down in Atlanta. Having worked here years before, and also having family here, made it feel like coming home. Now working with WellStar at Vinings Jubilee since March, he’s confident that he’s made the right choice.

“WellStar is immensely and intensely innovative with a community focus that really meshes with who I am and my personal philosophy,” said Dr. Stewart. “I just fell in love with their mission and their ability to provide world class health care.”

His love for medicine has always been grounded in the notion of helping others help themselves, and he has a real passion to improve his patients’ lives overall.

“I love to meet people, so practicing internal medicine gives me the opportunity to do that every day. But even more so, taking something I learned and studied and applying it to an individual’s plight that helps that patient get better has been the most rewarding thing for me since I finished medical school,” said Dr. Stewart.

He believes it’s absolutely crucial to approach patient care in a holistic way, taking into account dietary habits, exercise and medication. He focuses on improving their entire lifestyle.

“For me, the practice of medicine is robbery since I love doing it so much,” said Dr. Stewart. “And, I’m looking forward to learning more about this specific population and community.”

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