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Dr. Michael Villano

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Meet: Dr. Michael Villano

Contemporary Cosmetic Aesthetics Provide Timeless Beauty

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? After all, it gives us confidence, brings us joy, and makes it somewhat easier to face the world every day. Ideas of beauty are very personal and combine elements of what we are born with and what may be enhanced. Fortunately, VillanoMD in Bend can provide help in a variety of ways. Dr. Michael Villano specializes in surgical and nonsurgical facial cosmetic aesthetics and has perfected his techniques over the more than 20 years he has served the Central Oregon community. “During medical school, I wanted to become a surgeon and initially developed an interest in restoring facial form/appearance after facial cancer surgery,” he says. “I was fortunate to have my fellowship training with one of the premier facial plastic surgeons in New York.” Dr. Villano uses state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative and proven procedures. His goal is to give his patients what he calls “Timeless Beauty.”

What does Timeless Beauty mean to you?

Dr. Michael Villano (MV): Personally, I think of my mother, who passed away nine years ago from cancer, whenever I think of the words Timeless Beauty. As a mantra for my practice, Timeless Beauty is personal and rooted in each individual. There is beauty in EVERY FACE. Whatever your age, whatever your background, whatever your goals and vision, I strive to mark your lives with a personal style and a unique personal aesthetic, and help each person in their own journey to Timeless Beauty. For me, Timeless Beauty means simply helping you becoming more comfortable in who you are, and being comfortable in your own skin.

What are patients most looking to do today when it comes to facial surgery?

MV: Patients today seek a natural look. They want to refresh, rejuvenate and highlight the features that make them who they are.  With each patient, I help them achieve how to make their own personal beauty feel both natural and noticeable. I really enjoy working with my patients, listening to their personal vision of natural beauty and helping them to understand and choose from among today’s many cosmetic options. My role is simply to guide and support them in achieving their vision of Timeless Beauty.

How has plastic surgery evolved over the years and how has VillanoMD stayed on top of these changes?

MV: There is increasing demand for less invasive procedures along with more age-targeted procedures. As a surgeon, I've developed different facelift procedures to account for these changes. In fact, I now offer many different types of facial surgical rejuvenation procedures tailored to the individual, ranging from the weekend mini lift to the more extensive brow, midface, lower face and neck lift. 

What makes VillanoMD stand out from other similar practices?

MV: Our focus is 100% on the face and neck. My education and training, combined with years of experience, provide me with a unique vantage point on all things face and neck. I was one of the first surgeons to introduce the endoscopic brow lift and endoscopic facelift to Oregon. I’m also one of the few surgeons in the country to do deep resurfacing for skin texture.  In 2021, I’m performing the volumizing deep facelift which will increase the life of the facelift an extra five years and minimize the need for cheek fillers. 

How does facial plastic surgery help patients feel better about themselves?

MV: Patients will tell me that they are more confident during meetings, that people take them more seriously. Words like “I don’t feel invisible anymore” are often conveyed to me. Facial cosmetic surgery highlights, and perhaps reacquaints us, with our own personal brand of beauty. My patients feel more confident in themselves when they feel good about their appearance. It’s not about changing who we are; it’s about the appreciation of our individuality and our inherent beauty, and the ability to confidently and comfortably engage in the world today.

  • Dr. Michael Villano