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Meet Dr. Tobias Guzman, Incoming Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at University of Northern Colorado, and Owner of The Pet Nanny, LLC, with his wife, Lisa Guzman, Audiologist for District 6, and their daughter, Gabriella - incoming freshman at UNC.

What inspired you to start The Pet Nanny of Colorado?

The passing of my father was really the impetus for The Pet Nanny. He loved helping and caring for others, including animals and treated them with incredible dignity. When he passed, I wanted to be a part of something that continued to honor what he enjoyed and that was walking his pets and loving them unconditionally. 

What services does The Pet Nanny offer?

The majority of the clients are in Boulder County but over the past three years we have expanded our services to Greeley. We provide a safe and convenient way to care for pets outside traditional boarding. We know owners of pets are busy with life’s demands, families like to take vacations, or owners may be aging and need a little extra help with their pets. It's simple, and most importantly the pets stay in their own environment-reducing or eliminating stress. 

Services we offer:

Dog walking

Cat Care

Dog Hiking

Pet Taxi

Pet Supply Pick up 

Barn Care

Overnight care

What are the benefits of in-home care for pets versus boarding? 

The Pet Nanny has excellent service, care, and compassion.  Not all pets like traditional boarding therefore, there are a number of reasons why in home care may be for you:

Pets don’t have to adjust to a new environment. They have all their toys, pillows and blankets and everything else that makes them feel at home.

Pets also reduce the risk of catching any viruses from the environment or other animals.

Lastly, your home is never left alone. Many of our caregivers have attended to house issues that were unexpected. We have stories that would amaze you.

TPN believe in all aspects of diversity and inclusive practices in our business and we represent diversity by identifying as a minority and women ownership.

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