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Meet Hey Love

A Favorite Downtown Boutique Gets Fresh Looks a New Name

Article by Tristin Durham and Tina Trulove

Photography by Jessi Edison

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Dang Sassy Boutique has become a must-see in downtown Boerne for the hottest styles in women’s fashion. So we asked co-owners Tristin Durham and Tina Trulove to share their process, what trends to keep an eye on, and how the shop has a new name with styles that are fresher than ever!

What inspired you to open Dang Sassy?  
What originally started as a fun idea between friends turned into an exciting new adventure with the opportunity to purchase Dang Sassy last Summer. We loved the idea of creating a gathering space for girls of any age to meet, connect, and enjoy shopping together on Main Street. We bought Dang Sassy Boutique and hit the ground running, and we are really excited to announce our official name change to "Hey Love”!

Where do you get your style inspiration?
We are really inspired by all things color and the mix of patterns and texture in fabric. We like to keep an eye on new style trends, but mainly are drawn to a colorful palette that is classic but makes you feel happy when you wear it.

What is your buying process like?
Initially, we tried to fill the store with brands that we personally loved and had a history with. We wanted to carry clothing lines that we 100% trusted to be high quality. From there, we expanded to so many new brands that we found and fell in love with at Market. We’ve been to Market in Dallas five times this year and will venture out to new Markets in other states. We constantly research new brands and look for something that nobody else has. 

How do you decide what items to carry?
If we both love something, we buy it. We have a rule that if it's just "ok", it's a "no"... we want to really love everything in our store. We also talk to our customers a lot and get their feedback on brands they enjoy wearing or want to see in the store. We like to keep the process interactive with our customer base.

What trends do you see coming?
We try to keep things really colorful and uplifting in the store, but we’ve noticed a fall trend of browns, black, and cream or gray. Trousers and three-button vests for women are popular, and lots of exaggerated texture pieces. The Game Day market continues to grow like crazy and is one of our favorite trends for sure. Also, we're happy the fun sneaker trend will continue too, because we all LOVE it!

"We have a rule that if it's just "ok", it's a "no"... we want to really love everything in our store."

  • The Game Day accessories and apparel is a huge hit

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