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Meet Jesse

Local dog prefers cruisin’ to walkin’

From the backroads of Fayette County to Peachtree City’s infamous intersection, “the box,” Jesse the golden retriever always brings a double-take and a smile to his fellow motorists.  That’s right.  Walkin’ on all-fours makes some tails wag, but cruisin’ on three wheels is how Jesse rolls.  

His best bud, Garry Heget, chauffeurs him in an electric blue Polaris Slingshot—a cool ride resembling a cross between the Batmobile and a motorcycle. Garry adopted the eight-year-old, 120-pound, Jesse about a year ago after the death of his beloved golden Max, who also loved riding the Slingshot.  Jesse was ready to co-pilot the first time Garry strapped the necessary goggles on him. “He just went for it,” Garry said.  “He loved it.”

Garry, co-owner of American Eagle Construction in Peachtree City, leaves Jesse at home while he works.  But when he gets home, Jesse is waiting by the garage door, eager to get on the road again, and pouting if for some reason he can’t.  “He’s my baby,” Garry said.  “His favorite thing to do is go for a ride.”