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Meet Midlothian Makers

Three Women-Owned Businesses - Making Midlothian a Much More Interesting Place to Live Through Their Goods, Art and Creative Spirit!

Who knew a divine conversation at their children’s bus stop would turn into a successful business. That’s just

what happened when Kimberly Fleming and Eva Harris locked arms to create KEVA Style.

KEVA Style is a lifestyle brand that creates handmade, genuine leather jewelry in their Midlothian, VA workshop.

Founders, Kimberly and Eva recognized a need in the market for lightweight, statement earrings and their

collection has since grown to include accessories for the wrist: leather cuffs, bracelets, and wraps.

“The foundation of our business stems from the talents and expertise of our neighbors. Our website designer,

photographer, lawyer, office team, marketing and sales director and even our models are neighbors. Who knew

one community had so much talent”, says Eva.

Having just celebrated their one-year anniversary, KEVA has big plans for this new year (and decade!). Their new

spring collection just launched on their website and they’ve recently partnered with Fieldstone, with a national sales team who will represent and sell KEVA to retailers across the country. They also

have started a Brand Ambassador program - a grassroots approach to growing their brand. Giving back is at the

core of their business and KEVA has partnered with local organizations in their #kevagivesback initiatives: A

Night for Scott benefiting The McShin Foundation, EVOLVE’s Beauty Has No Limits campaign, WearRVA Fashion Show during Richmond’s Fashion Week, and other organizations near & dear to their families’ hearts.

Their piece of advice for starting a business: believe in yourself, take calculated risks, hire the expert, give back

and celebrate the “everyday wins”. KEVA Style @mykevastyle

“Surround yourself with great people and look local. You’ll be surprised the talent you find within

your own backyard.” - Kimberly Fleming

As a child, Laura lived with a colored pencil in hand. From creating picture books and designing paper dolls to

decorating imaginary palaces from all over the world, Laura’s love for travel, art, history and illustration began at

an early age. In her 20s, Laura traveled the world, sending home hand-drawn postcards illustrating her

adventures abroad to her family and friends. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration from Baylor

University, with additional study at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy. This education and

experience was the foundation needed to turn her passion, art and creativity into a thriving business.

You may recognize her award-winning art book, Inky Richmond , that celebrates our very own Richmond,

Virginia. Laura never intended to become a coloring book artist, but after her aunt, a fine artist herself, developed hand palsy, Laura learned that coloring could be good therapy for this disease. She decided to create an art book with great detail and love that was meaningful, captivating and evoked memories and emotions. This gem of a book, along with Laura’s entire collection of paper goods and gifts can be found in specialty stores and museums across town. With an impressive client list, Laura has also created custom art for Capital One, The Folk Festival, Virginia Fine Arts Museum, Smithsonian, Richmond Ballet and more. With a passion for travel and a Scottish husband, Laura spends her time between Midlothian and the UK. Her advice that resonates both personally and professionally: take a moment to pause, look and experience the life around you. It’s a beautiful place that she will more than happily illustrate for you. @flourishrva

“There’s something special about sitting outside an ancient building or in a busy café with my

sketchbook , recording a memory by hand rather than by a snapshot.” - Laura Marr

Growing up in West Virginia, Meredyth was first introduced to shrubs - a vinegar based syrup - by her

grandmother as a cure for pretty much everything in life. “Drinking vinegars” as many call it has a long history

dating back to the American Colonial period when early settlers mixed vinegar syrup with spirits, water or

carbonated water to quench their thirst. As with anything in life: what’s old is new again and MOTHER shrub and

their collection of shrubs is on the forefront of the artisanal craft cocktail movement.

The mother of three boys, MOTHER shrub was named by her son who adoringly (and sarcastically at times) calls her “mother” as an ode to the strong women in Meredyth’s life. MOTHER shrub was awarded Best New Product by Virginia Living Magazine in 2016 - an award that her husband, local artist Fielding Archer (and creator of the beautiful artwork on each MOTHER shrub bottle) won in 2014 for his stainless steel furniture design. Meredyth and Fielding Archer are the only couple to have ever won this award in two different categories!

With a passion for vintage cookbooks and entertaining, Meredyth’s hope is that MOTHER shrub sparks excitement and creativity in what people choose to drink and eat. We’d be remiss not sharing one of Meredyth’s shrub recipes that celebrate her “familiar yet unexpected” approach to cocktail-making.

MOTHER shrub Black Cherry Mint Julep

● 2-3 teaspoons black cherry shrub

● 1 teaspoon simply syrup or a pinch of sugar

● 2-3 oz high proof bourbon

● A few sprigs of fresh mint leaves

● Crushed ice

Gently muddle mint, a few teaspoons of MOTHER shrub Black Cherry shrub and a teaspoon of simple syrup in the bottom of a julep cup. Half-fill cup with crushed ice, add bourbon. Stir. Add more crushed ice if needed. Garnish with mint and @mothershrub

“Don’t be afraid to try something new.” - Meredyth Archer, the MOTHER of MOTHER Shrub

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