Meet Oakleigh

Oakleigh the Cavapoo (part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, part Poodle) was voted by our followers on social media as Pet of the Year to the delight of her loving family Kari, Sean, Ben and Morgan Andersen of Branchburg. 

Oakleigh was welcomed into this happy family on June 18, 2020 thanks to a persuasive PowerPoint presentation made by Morgan (12) and Ben (11). The children spent a lot of time toward the beginning of pandemic researching small, hypoallergenic dogs before finding the Cavapoo breed and convincing their parents to get them one. Oakleigh was born in April 2020 at Lone Pine Acres Farm in Jonestown, Pa., and was adopted by the Andersens from the McFeaters family, who own the farm, when she was 8 weeks old. 

Oakleigh is a sweet little dog that enjoys making new friends with other dogs and children. The family calls her a “Velcro Dog,” because she loves to follow her family around the house. Some of her favorite activities are watching Morgan and Ben play sports, going on playdates, snuggling with her family (“cozies”) and sleeping. 

Oakleigh is the perfect family dog, and the Andersens can’t imagine a life now without her. “I don’t know how we got so lucky,” Kari says. “She’s so good.” 

Naps by the fireplace
Unofficial mascot at baseball (Branchburg Bulldogs) and softball (Flemington Flames) games
Playing “paw tag” with Dad
Playing with her friends Rella, Annie and Mocha
Playing with her treat puzzle

Favorite Food
Bacon! Oakleigh also loves duck treats and bakery treats from Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming.

Words I Live By
“Cozies are the best!”

Social Media/Followers
Instagram: Oakleigh.the.cavapoo; 649 followers

Her gray sloth stuffed animal
Getting treats when being groomed 
Walks at Round Valley Reservoir

Fun Facts
Her little sister, Hazel, lives in the same town with the Watkins family. 

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