Meet OC’s “The Contracts Attorney”

The Contracts Attorney, Anthony Dispoto, Esq., shares his legal expertise with clients across Orange County.

Behind every successful person is someone who believes in them. This certainly rings true for Anthony Dispoto, best known in Orange County as The Contracts Attorney.

During this season of gratitude, the founder and principal of the Law Office of Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq., is especially appreciative of his devoted wife, with whom he will soon be celebrating a first wedding anniversary.

“I am extremely thankful for my very supportive wife, as she believed in me well before I opened my own law firm and found success.”

Now a thriving business and real estate attorney, Anthony also expresses gratitude for his parents, both exemplary role models he’s looked up to for as long as he can remember. In fact, Anthony can attribute part of his business mantra from the time in which he worked with his father, where he learned and lived by the motto “under-promise and over-deliver.”

As The Contracts Attorney, Anthony focuses on non-adversarial business transactions across the Orange County area. His firm’s core practice areas include business formation, mergers and acquisitions, contract drafting and review, real estate,  and commercial finance.

Although business is booming for Anthony today, he readily reflects on how his path to success began.  

Upon graduating from law school, Anthony worked in-house for Abraham and Kevork, LLC, an in-house legal team for its parent company, Upfront.

In this role, Anthony acted as the company’s Associate General Counsel and Human Resources Director, expanding his knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines.

“I’ve been a practicing attorney since 2015. I first started working in-house for a sober living company and then transitioned to a law firm full-time. I worked at these businesses before going into business on my own in July of 2021,” he recalls.

With versatile experience in business, legal transactions, and real estate, his skillset serves anyone in need of a meticulous professional across an array of areas, allowing him to offer experienced legal counsel for small businesses at a price that’s always affordable.

“While working on my own has been the best for me, success-wise, learning from more knowledgeable attorneys was absolutely the right decision for me and has ultimately made me a better attorney.”

To Anthony, being a better attorney means providing focused customer service—and keeping his father’s motto in mind. 

“I try to be as responsive as possible, and I try to keep my workload to a manageable level so that I can provide each of my clients with as much attention as is needed for any particular job,” he says.

“When work piles up, I freeze all new cases until I have a more manageable workload again. I am a very committed worker and try to complete all work according to my client’s timelines.”  

At the end of the day, what matters most to Anthony is engaging directly with his clients, building a trusting relationship, and delivering the desired results.

Despite his continued success, Anthony hopes to preserve a personal touch with his work. His vision for the future doesn’t include expanding into a massive firm with a litany of attorneys—instead, he hopes to grow the business by adding either a personal assistant or associate attorney in order to achieve a well-balanced workload.”

“I would like to be the attorney that handles all transactions from A to Z. I enjoy practicing law and helping people, and I don’t want to become a manager instead of an attorney,” he says.

“I’m a hard worker. I want to do the best for my clients and provide good value in everything that I do for them.”

Whether you want to start a business, need to draft a contract, or want to buy commercial property or an existing business, reach out to The Contracts Attorney for a free consultation.

To Anthony, being a better attorney means providing focused customer service—and keeping his father’s motto in mind, “under-promise and over-deliver.”

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