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Meet Octavia Melly

How she came into real estate in Fairfield County and her favorite things about Greenwich!

Octavia Melly is a local real estate agent who lives with her husband, two children, and Irish Setter, in Riverside. We are so honored to feature her in this month’s issue. Let’s get to know her.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: Tell us how you got into real estate.

Octavia Melly: I grew up with a realtor mom who came from a real estate family. My grandfather was a developer in Nashville and 3 of his 5 daughters became realtors. I remember sitting at open houses with her and driving around to appointments and hearing endless phone conversations related to real estate so the language was already very familiar to me. I felt really lucky that my working mom was also able to be very present with us kids because her schedule was relatively fluid. I never thought I would do this, but once the idea crystalized it became a no brainer for me and my family.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: What is the best thing about selling real estate in Greenwich/ Fairfield County?

Octavia Melly: I love introducing people to this town. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a vibrant, smart, and beautiful community, so the enthusiasm comes naturally. There is something for everyone - every lifestyle, whether you're looking for an in-town condo, large property in backcountry, or a walkable beach community like Old Greenwich. Everyone here has an interesting story or background, so meeting new clients who become friends and neighbors is a highlight.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: You have a background in Fashion. How does that affect your day-to-day work in Real Estate?

Octavia Melly: My role as a merchant involved working closely with many different departments throughout the product life-cycle: design, production, planning, finance, marketing. And real estate is similar in that you have to wear many different hats and you have to work well with many different people throughout the process. Both professions involve staying attuned to market trends, negotiating favorable terms, and multitasking to address diverse needs.  Both merchants and realtors have to employ effective market analysis and negotiation skills in order to determine optimal pricing. You have to hold everything together, creatively problem-solve, and be able to communicate clearly to various stakeholders. My transition felt relatively seamless because of my professional and personal background, but most of all because I was lucky to have some incredible mentors here in the real estate community from the start.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: Your top three restaurants in Greenwich are…?

Octavia Melly: Louie's, Le Fat Poodle, and l'escale.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: What do you love most about living in Greenwich?

Octavia Melly: Coming from a landlocked state, I personally love and gravitate towards the water. I feel so grateful that I can see the water every day, whether I’m driving to and from appointments, taking my kids to Tod’s point, or walking my dog around Riverside. And the community vigor cannot be beat – there is always a new restaurant to try, concert to go to, sport to learn, or neighbor to meet. It’s a special place.

Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine: Describe your perfect day spent in Greenwich.

Octavia Melly: My perfect day in Greenwich involves being outdoors as much as possible. We like to take the kids to Sweet Peas in OG to get coffee for us and Pão de queijos for them. Pick up sandwiches at Alpen Pantry (our picks: the Rondale and the Courier) to take to Tod's Point or Island Beach with friends. My kids still nap, so when the house is quiet in the afternoon, I like to take our dog out for a nice time at Pomerance Park. Late afternoon almost always finds us taking a walk around Riverside, chatting with neighbors and friends who are out doing the same. Early dinner grilling at home before sneaking out to catch a show at the Capitol Theater wraps up my perfect summer day.

"And the community vigor cannot be beat!"

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