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Meet Rocco!

Our Pet Contest Winner Is Rocco, an American Field Lab That Has Made His Family Complete

Rocco is a one-year-old American Field Lab, who lives in Basking Ridge with his loving family. 

His family describes him as a fun and obedient dog. Although this is the family’s first dog, he has been so wonderful with the kids that they say they might just want another!

The family’s favorite memory with Rocco—or “Rock Man” as they call him—was when he first arrived from a long trip from S&S Kennels in South Dakota, where he was born. While other dogs might have had trouble transitioning into their new home, Rocco’s tail was wagging from the first second that he came to their house, and it hasn’t stopped since. 

Rocco loves to play catch with his family, chase bees at the park and snuggle with his mom on the couch every night. He is described as an “angel” by the family, due to his kind and patient nature. 

Rocco has brought so much joy to the lives of the family. “Whether it’s playing at the farm across the street or snuggling after a long day, he never disappoints. He’s inquisitive, super-smart and has such a funny disposition,” the owner says. “He has filled our home with such love.” 

Parents and children all say that their family became complete after getting Rocco—and that he has changed their lives forever. That is just how special Rocco is!