Pinpointing the Best

Meet your best self with Shayla Farmer, CEO of Pinpoint Consulting

What is the mission of Pinpoint Consulting?

My purpose is to liberate individuals, teams, and organization so that they function at their highest potential so that the overall health and experience of everyone is vastly increased. I use the term liberate because sometimes people don’t realize what’s in them or the potential that lies within a particular organization, and it takes a coach or consultant to bring that out of them. I do this through empathy, authenticity, and expertise. I’m dedicated to offering the highest quality of leadership development and training solutions that are simple, scalable, and sustainable.

What is your philosophy on leadership?

I believe leadership is holistic...able to lead in all five circles of influence: self, family, team, organization, and in the community. If you have a liberating mindset in all five of those areas, you are going to be more intentional in how you lead. That’s what I’m really about – helping people be more intentional in how they lead.

What tools do you utilize in coaching and consulting?

I have over 60 tools that I use, all of which are generated through my platform, GiANT. The Chick-Fil-A Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Leadercast also use this same platform. It is designed to help individuals and organizations create a common leadership language.

It’s also a platform that focuses on personal and team transformation and intentional multiplication – which means that as you become a liberated leader, you want to multiply that and create other liberated leaders.

How do the 5 Voices and 100X Leader tools work?

5 Voices is a personality assessment for any client that I work with. We all have a particular leadership voice…you can be a nurturer, creative, connector, guardian, or pioneer. It seeks to assess your voice order and serves as a lens in how we understand the world around us.

100X Leader is a tool which helps leaders to develop, but it really starts with self. The first step is self-awareness because that’s the foundation of good and effective leadership. Creating leaders who are worth following - that’s a 100X leader, a healthy leader.

What is important for readers to know?

Pinpoint is a company that is centered around the heart. It’s not one-size-fits-all. I meet you where you are because everyone is not at the same place. I’m here, ready to engage, listen, and help companies work more efficiently by developing common goals and a common language.

With over 20 years of human resources and ministry experience, Michaela Farmer is a Certified SHRM Professional, Certified Generational Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Business Administration with emphasis in leadership. For more information on Pinpoint Consulting, visit PinpointHRC.org.

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