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Budget Blinds specializes in the beautification of windows and the functionality of blinds, shades, and shutters by offering aesthetically pleasing designs providing privacy plus light and temperature control options for homes and businesses. As experts in this area, Aaron Miller and his team help customers transition to cordless implements in compliance with the law that went into effect recently banning cords on blinds and shades. Fortunately, advancements in motorization make going cordless easier than ever.

“Technology in the motors allows the use of batteries that do not have to be changed or charged frequently,” he explained. “Motorization gives people solutions to things that they couldn't do in the past without a cord, such as the ability to control blinds or shades in hard-to-reach spaces.”

Miller, who has years of experience integrating audio-visual technologies in homes and businesses, also understands the technological aspects of automation and the convenience of merging blind and shade automation with other smart technology. “Most blind companies stop at the remote control, but that's where we start when it comes to automation and motorization,” he said. “Because of our experience in home automation, we speak the same language as technology integrators and have the ability to work closely with anybody who is installing large scale automation systems to ensure successful integration.”

With automation technology, shades and blinds can be controlled through a smartphone app, with voice technology, and programmed to open and close automatically based on schedules or even the location of the sun. Considering the vast possibilities presented with this technology, Miller anticipates what is to come. “As part of our future, we see ourselves helping customers not only control natural light coming into the home or business, but artificial light as well. To create the perfect environment for everyday living.” 

Stop by the Budget Blinds showroom at 9915 7th Ave SE in Everett or schedule a free consultation by visiting or calling 206-596-8455.

Advancements in motorization makes going cordless easier than ever.