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Meet the Makers: Artisan Hatchery Artists

Local artists share the inspiration to their art and the impacts of their creative stories

Karey Clark

Ceramics/Clay Pottery Artist

Karey describes her art as Whimsically Functional. Having studied the arts in college, it wasn’t until seven years ago that Karey fell in love with working with clay and began crafting pottery. Since then, she has done a lot of refining and now routinely incorporates other techniques, like her glazing methods, as she puts her own touch on modern pottery art. Karey’s creative side continues to evolve as she is drawn to bold colors and perfecting her signature glaze combo that she includes on most all of her pieces. Karey’s most satisfying moments are when someone gets excited over the art she creates!



Glen Gray

Artist & Illustrator

Glen grew up drawing anything and everything he could from a young age. Following college, he began to explore painting as a way to challenge himself even more–first watercolors then oils and acrylics. Much of Glen’s inspiration for his paintings come from the countryside in which he grew up around West Texas. Glen says it’s important to him to paint anything he can as accurately as possible and he puts a great amount of research effort into any subject he paints. As a classically trained artist with a vast body of work, Glen still today finds time to do daily drawings for close friends and family members. 


Traci Smith

Artist & Illustrator

Traci always joked with her kids that the only thing keeping her from being an artist was a lack of supplies. During the pandemic in 2020, her kids bought her a canvas, paint and brushes–the rest is history! Traci began painting birds as a tribute and reminder of when her children were young and they would draw birds and make up stories about them. Now, much of Traci’s work centers around a bird often hiding in her paintings as a continued uniqueness and tribute. Traci gets the most joy over seeing people smile and enjoying her art on a personal level!


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