Life Beyond the Pages

Get to know your publisher - the guy next door.

As your publisher, I get the unique privilege of learning so much about these special communities and the people in them. Well, I thought I would return the favor. Here's an inside look into my life beyond the pages of Mission Hills City Lifestyle. 

My morning starts with a cup of coffee. It's not uncommon to find me sipping on a whole milk latte at Hattie's. 

I am one of three kids and an uncle to seven beautiful nieces and nephews. Spending time with my family is a priority, especially while I am still the "cool uncle." 

Aside from publishing, I am the lead pastor of The Porch Community Church in Louisburg, Kansas. It is an incredible honor to preach the truth of God's Word every week and to do life with the people of The Porch.

From September to April, there's a good chance I'll be refereeing high school football or college basketball almost every night of the week. 

On the rare occasion I have any spare time, I've started to really get into pickleball. If you know the secret to finding an open court at Meadowbrook Park, I'm all ears!

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