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Caitlin Agnew Baker

Publisher, Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine

Follow: @KirklandLifestyle, @Chagnew (personal)

Tell us about your work experience. Did you plan to be where you are today? 

I’m often asked if I was journalism major, or if I always dreamed of owning a magazine…and the answer is no! The real answer is I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and love taking on opportunities where I see them.  Prior to being a publisher, I co-founded one of Seattle’s first coworking spaces (MAKERS), and in 2017 I launched Bellevue Lifestyle Magazine (which I still currently own and publish), and now I also publish Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine. The Eastside is experiencing a unique change; people from all over the country and world are transplanting here, and our community and culture are shifting…in a good way! My goal with Kirkland Lifestyle Magazine is to capture some of the old and new of our community.


Do you have a little known hobby or obsession?

My picture above says it all (well, almost, husband not pictured). My art, King Charles Cavalier puppy Brodi, and family are my obsessions. I only recently discovered my ability to paint during the pandemic lock down, and it has turned into a side business. I create large scale acrylic paintings, and am currently working on a couple commissioned projects. For a peek at my artist life, check out @finchesart on Instagram.  

How do you connect with the community?

Aside from living in Southern California for college and a few years after, I’m a PNW native. I was raised in Bellevue, lived in downtown Seattle while owning Makers, and for the past 4 years lived on the Kirkland waterfront. I recently bought a home in Bellevue. Through business, friendships, and family, I’m constantly out and about in the Kirkland and Bellevue community. 


How can we connect with you?

I want to hear from you! Please feel welcome to email me at and share your suggestions, comments, support and/or concerns. 

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