Meet the Sneyds

When it comes to finding the perfect home, you need experience and expertise—this charming duo brings both

Meet Cathy and Greg Sneyd, Utah's premier real estate power couple. After over 18 years of multifaceted industry experience, this charming duo has mastered the art of finding your perfect home—and having a lot of fun doing it. 

The Sneyds' story began in Winnipeg, Canada, where they met and fell in love. Subsequently, they’d travel to Utah and fall in love with majestic mountains, making the Beehive State their forever home—over three decades ago. 

Their undeniable charisma and warmth, which you might suspect to be a mix of Canadian politeness with American gusto, makes a winning combination. It's easy to see why clients are so endeared to them—99.9% of their business comes from referrals.

But what really stands out about the Sneyds is that they have your back. Whether it's telling you a renovation isn’t up to par or a specific neighborhood won’t contribute to the home value, they'll give it to you straight. Helping you make the best decision is their top priority. 

“What I love about real estate is I get to help someone move on to the next chapter of their life. And find the almost perfect house each time. You get to know the people. You get to know their families. And we have a great time showing them houses, educating them on whether it's the right house, and helping them to accomplish what their personal needs are,” says Cathy.

Playing to their unique strengths, Cathy has a discerning eye for stunning, high-value listings and a talent for cultivating enduring client relationships. Meanwhile, Greg contributes financial acumen and home renovation prowess to the team.

The two had joined forces in business after Greg urged Cathy to take an early retirement from her HR manager role at Delta Airlines. Already an experienced real estate investor himself, Greg had an inkling that Cathy would make a fantastic agent and perfect business partner. The rest is history!

Tapping into their expertise on whether buying real estate is still a good idea right now, Cathy and Greg answered with a resounding YES, and here's why:

The long-term financial benefits of property ownership far exceed the advantages of renting, even in the current market. 

"If you buy a house, you win now or you win later," Greg says. "Because mortgage rates are either going to go up or they're going to go down. If they go up, you’ve locked yourself into a better mortgage rate. If they go down, you can refinance out of that mortgage. So you can win both ways."

As for their secret to a successful work and marriage life (the Sneyd’s have been married for 47 years), it’s pretty straight forward, much like them: 

"We've always been able to work and play together," Greg shares. “We very seldom let any disagreements go by day's end."

Cathy agrees, "If so, we pinky swear, smile, and say truce. Then it's over, and we move on."

When they aren't busy finding your dream home—which they literally jump out of bed to do—Cathy and Greg take advantage of Cathy's flight benefits with Delta to travel together. One of their most recent and unforgettable trips was golfing along the coast of Portugal.

On a typical Friday night, however, this busy couple prefers staying local and going out to dinner at one of the lovely restaurants around their Millcreek neighborhood, often with a client turned friend. Cathy raves about Kimi's Chop & Oyster House on Highland Drive and VIOLET at 1588 Stratford Ave.

As for the future, Cathy says, "We like helping people and want to continue doing it. There's not a day that goes by where we're not looking at houses, working with a client, or doing something real estate related." 

Even after nearly two decades in the business, the Sneyds wouldn't consider doing anything else, anywhere else.

Proudly affiliated with Windermere Real Estate, contact them at or 801-244-5827. 

The Sneyds look forward to finding your perfect home!

"If you buy a house, you win now or you win later,"

"We've always worked and played together."

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