Meet the TNG of Mossholder’s Floral

The next generation of an Arvada flower shop is putting poetry into petals 

There’s few better ways to brighten someone’s day — or illuminate either their work or living space — than with an eye-catching, flower arrangement. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to create the elaborate floral presentation that you may see in magazines, other media or on Pinterest. Constructing even a basic floral arrangement pleasing to the eye is not as easy as it may seem, which is why there are florists who work professionally to build beautiful botanical works.

Family-owned and operated, Mossholder's Floral has served the Arvada area for nearly four decades. Originally, established by Kelly Mossholder, her daughter and son-in-law — Amanda Mossholder and Chris Norwood, respectively — are now partners in the business, committed to offering the finest floral arrangements and gifts. “Kelly entrusted us to talk about the beauty of the business,” says Norwood. 

“I grew up in the flower shop; I’ve been playing with flowers my whole life,” says floral designer Amanda Mossholder. “However, when I went off the art school, I was not going do anything even remotely close to floral design — I didn’t want anything to do with it. 

Mossholder, with pink hair, eccentric glasses and an easy laugh, attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design — a four-year, accredited school — where she engaged in painting, sculpture, welding, and a little bit of everything. “The funny thing about welding is it’s a lot easier than men make it seem. Grouchy old men want to make you feel like you’re not going to be able to.”

“One year, my Christmas gift to Amanda was a belt sander,” admits Norwood, who is both Amanda’s life and business partner. Amanda describes him as a gopher, as someone who does a little of everything. 

“Kelly, Amanda’s mom, started out specializing in weddings, initially,” Norwood adds, who is both Amanda’s life and business partner. Amanda describes him as a gopher, as someone who does a little of everything. 

“Kelly initially had a retail space, but the overtime, the business just naturally grew into mostly online ordering,” he continues. “The retail aspect became mostly unnecessary; it was more trouble than it was worth. Now we just have a small, messy workshop in a house where we take orders, produce art and send it out on a daily basis.”

In contrast to painting, welding and floral arrangements, Norwood’s background spent 15 years in the corporate finance industry, working in both New York and Toronto. However, with meeting Mossholder, thinking of settling down with children and wanting a creative outlet, Norwood worked to become an essential part of the family business. 

Essentially, the unexpected equation for Mossholder’s Foral is: artist at heart + big city jack-of-all-trades + matriarch. Their unique, small-business staff is dedicated to go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect. 

Despite not wanting anything to do with flowers or floral design when an admittedly angsty teen, artist Amanda Mossholder now has this to say: “It's creative, natural and organic — which so helpful mental health for both the creator and the recipient of the gift, which is so meaningful.”

With regards to mental health and the meaningful, the two of them admitted that they were busier than ever during the lockdowns of COVID: “Right away, we found out — we got orders pouring in,” says Norwood. “People needed to stay connected and sending flowers was a really big way people achieved and maintained that.”

“People were having to miss so many important events, like weddings and funerals, but they would still send flowers out of love,” adds Mossholder. “A floral gift can simply say, ‘I miss you’ with more intention and thought than a text,” continues Norwood. 

If you are considering Mossholder’s as an option for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, the duo has this advice: “Call us or contact us directly. Working with your florist directly is very important for work and craft meeting expectations.” 

Mossholder’s Floral

5461 W 64th Ave.

Arvada CO 80003

(303) 940 – 6914

Monday - Saturday




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