Meet The Very Talented Jon McCormack

Longtime Local Musician and Performer Shares His Musical Journey

Highlights from my conversation with Jon McCormack about his music and many collaborations. Don’t miss seeing Jon and friends perform. 

What sparked your musical journey?

My sister’s Columbia Record Club subscription. Anything non-disco landed in my bedroom. I heard Van Halen, and that was it. I immediately bought an electric guitar and took lessons from local teacher Randy Armstrong.

How did your musical tastes evolve?

I just wanted to play like Hendrix and Page, but Randy’s world music influences, my sister’s disco and funk tendencies, and endless HBO loops of Hair, The Song Remains the Same, and This is Spinal Tap expanded my musical appreciation.

Tell me about your early fame.

We started Fly Spinach Fly at UNH and played in Boston and New York, opening for Cypress Hill, Queen Latifah, and The Ramones. In 1992, we won MTV’s best-unsigned band in the Northeast. For a bunch of twenty-something kids, it was quite a ride.  

Who are you performing with these days?

Jon Nolan’s Slow Cooker roots rock; Wizardess for psychedelic rock; Museum of Science, where Frank Zappa meets the Beastie Boys; Bitter Pill, bluegrass/folk-influenced; and cover bands Wheel of Awesome and 80’s hair metal tribute, Camarojuana.

This year, Jon is releasing a Museum of Science album, contemplating a reincarnation of his 2019 rock opera Paintbox, and having fun performing with his many bands.


Slow Cooker

February 4th & March 3rd | 4pm

Stone Church, Newmarket

Punk Rock Saturday with Tim McCoy

February 10th | 1 pm 

Continuum Arts Collective, North Berwick

Wheel of Awesome

February 17th & March 23rd | 4 pm

Earth Eagle North, Somersworth


March 29th | 8 pm

Kittery Dance Hall, Kittery

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