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Meet The Women Changing Lives Through Hair Restoration

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Jessie Mobley has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While living in Los Angeles following the birth of her daughter, Mobley launched a concierge beauty brand, offering in-home services to those unable to make it into a salon.

“I would put my daughter in my chest carrier, and she’d fall asleep to the sound of the hair dryer,” says Jessie. 

After moving to Columbia, Jessie saw a need for a salon that offered fellow entrepreneurs the chance to build their business under one roof. With the help of her husband, Marty, who tapped into his creative design background and laid the foundation for the salon’s interior design, 931 Beauty Co. was born in May 2018. What Jessie couldn’t have known at the time is the inspiring – and often challenging – journey ahead.

“I lost my mother at the beginning of the pandemic,” Jessie shares. “It happened suddenly and caused a tremendous amount of stress, and the medicine I was prescribed as a result only made things worse. My hair started falling out in chunks.” 

More than 6,000 miles away, Jessie’s childhood best friend, Vanessa, was visiting Nigeria when global lockdowns took effect. She was unable to return to America for 18 months. 

“While away from home in Nigeria, the stress of the pandemic and being postpartum caused hair loss,” says Vanessa. “When I was finally able to come home, I flew directly to Nashville and joined Jessie as the manager of 931 Beauty.” 

Together, the pair found a new calling to change lives through hair restoration – or non-surgical hair replacement. Through high-quality extensions, custom hair pieces and more, the 931 Beauty team are experts in helping men, women and children regain their confidence after hair loss. They are also members of the American Hairloss Council.

“We aren’t the only ones who have lost hair as a result of trauma, and we’re passionate about supporting our clients through their own journey,” says Jessie. “When clients visit our salon, it’s not just about the hair, it’s about the experience. We’ve worked with children who have endured bullying, postpartum mothers, teens who have undergone chemotherapy, and many more. We want our clients to know that change is possible, and this is a place to feel open, vulnerable and understood.” 

Client privacy remains at the forefront. After initial consultation, clients can expect the entire process to take under a week.

“Hair restoration is the heart of our business – it’s why we show up to work every day,” says Jessie. “We have the opportunity to help people regain their confidence, and we’re always looking for new methods to improve.”

Education is also a key foundation of the business, serving as a training salon for students to learn from a seasoned mentor and paving the way for future generations of hair restoration specialists.

In addition to hair restoration, traditional services are also available.

  • (L) Vanessa Martini, Manager and (R) Jessie Mobley, Owner