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The List You Need When Only a Patio Will Do

Once again, the Buckhead and Brookhaven area is alive with the low chatter of restaurant patrons, the clinking of glasses, and the hustle and bustle of staff that culminates in a harmony that lingers. The best way to catch this number is to take some time to lounge on one of the beautiful patios, sip a cocktail or mocktail, and just enjoy the melody. Of all the patios, there are a few that stand out: the island oasis of Yebo Beach Haus, the Parisian street vibes at Le Bilbouquet and the newly opened St. Julep atop the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel where the Buckhead skyline view is the star. Come relax on a patio for a while. 

Le Bilboquet

Reminiscent of a cafe on the busy streets of Paris, Le Bilboquet has a grand patio that spills into the street. Accented with lush green plants, the patio is dotted with large umbrellas and lounge space. It must be one of the best in Buckhead! I’d recommend trying the smoky, crisp Le Poule and the amazing Raspberry Beret cocktail.

Le Colonial

On a balcony in Buckhead Village, lush palms hang over pristine white tablecloths. The meticulously decorated patio feels like it's from another time. Ceiling fans lap the air slowly, upscale meals are savored, and lounging over an afternoon cocktail is expected. This is Le Colonial! I recommend the Ca Song, the tuna tartare and tender Ca Hoi Nuong Salmon, plus the bright Le Colonial Harvest and fruity White Silk Dress cocktails.

Yebo Beach Haus

Large tropical plants hang over a beautiful, flowing water feature in the middle of the courtyard. The water trickles down the large bowls and splashes lively on its way. On the patio, lavish patio furniture dot the space with black and white, cool wood tones, and splashes of color. Large umbrellas create a patchwork of shadow and light on the cool cement. Buckhead’s Yebo Beach Haus serves up an island oasis that you do not have to travel to the beach to experience. What matches the patio so well is Yebo’s tropical, South African, and beachy cuisine. I would recommend the spicy chicken paillard, fresh whole branzino, rich and savory tuna tataki, meaty ostrich sliders, and the light BB Cooler or traditional Rosemary Vesper Martini to wash it all down.

King + Duke

The ambiance, taxidermy, wood walls, and open-hearth, wood-burning centerpiece are a testament to King + Duke’s American traditional vibe. Large double doors lead outside, where palm leaves drape over the blue leather seats and warm wood tables are filled with couples and friends chatting. The patio curls around the side of the building to at an outdoor bar with an exclusive cocktail program. The outdoor vibe offers a hint of the tropics in the heart of Buckhead. I would highly recommend the creamy charred gem lettuce, fantastic rabbit croquettes, succulent grilled shrimp and make sure to pair them with the stellar Clover Club or bubbly Half in Love from the main bar or the bright Contemporary Gimlet or tropical Royal Hawaiian, only available and exclusive to the outdoor patio bar.

St. Julep at The Kimpton Sylvan Hotel

As the elevator doors open, a light breeze hits your face, find the sprawling bar where patrons have a conversation as the bartenders behind them shake and stir. Turning the corner, it hits you, the gorgeous Buckhead skyline. As the skyscrapers behind soar, the patio turns sharply left and is lined with lounge nooks and large umbrellas. I would recommend the Idyllwild and the St. Julep cocktails.

Chido & Padre

The multi-colored, vibrant tile juxtaposes the white, teal, warm wood, and greenery of the updated Chido & Padre double-decker patio. This spot has been a staple in Buckhead, and with a new menu and top to bottom stunning renovation, this spot is simply gorgeous. Whether you want to lounge on the plush couches, sip in one of the swings, or perch in a booth, you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a vacation in Mexico City. While you are there, I would recommend sipping on the earthy El Bad Bunny or sparkly Lambrusco Sangria, and tasting the refreshing seasonal crudo, smoked octopus tostada, street corn, rich pollo con mole or carnitas, and duck sope. If you get the seasonal crudo make sure to ask for the off-menu cocktail that goes with it. They have so many good items, it will be hard to choose.

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