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Meet Zach Neil

Texas Country Music's Male Artist of the Year

As a kid, Zach Neil’s future was lined with rows of rutabagas, beans and wheat. His plan was to become a third-generation farmer. Farming is what he knew and loved, but one day, he realized his dream wasn’t to build a life on a tractor – instead, he wanted to be front and center on a
Growing up, he started listening to Mark Chesnutt, Joe Diffie, and all the guys who created the genre we all know as “90s Country.” By the time he was a young teenager, he picked up a guitar, started learning to play the songs he loved, and in high school started a band.

“I was a huge Randy Travis fan, and my first band could have been a Randy Travis tribute band –we played so many of his songs,” said Neil. “I started out learning how to play songs, and then I really started diving into where that kind of music came from. I’d hear Mark Chesnutt talk
about Waylon, and I’d hear guys talk about Haggard. So, I started digging into that. That was really part of my growth in music. And I’ve got a lot of influences outside of country music. I love all kinds of music for different reasons.”

His high school band tied for first place in a “Battle of the Bands” competition. Neil jokes – not because they were the best, but because they were different. While other kids were playing rock music, Neil and his band were playing traditional country. The big win gave him the
confidence to pursue music full-time.  Over the years, Neil fell in love with Texas country – where fiddle and steel guitar are still featured and appreciated by fans. He has had four consecutive Top 40 singles on the Texas charts, and his new song, “All The Pretty Horses,” is his fastest and highest climbing song yet – having passed the Top 20 mark just a few weeks out of the gate. The song has a unique, memorable melody and a hook you don’t see coming.

“When we stop by radio stations, program directors and DJs tell me it’s their favorite song I’ve done yet. That feels great,” added Neil.
What also feels great is holding the title, Male Artist of the Year. Neil recently took home the top prize at the Texas Country Music Awards in Fort Worth.

Neil hopes to continue building his brand of Texas country music and taking it beyond the Lone Star State. Visit to find out where you can catch a live show.

 “Winning awards isn’t the reason we do this, but maybe it’s a sign we are doing something right. It’s more motivation to keep striving to get better. And to know fans voted for this award is pretty cool,”  -Neil

  • Sold out show at The Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO