Laser Focused on Health and Happiness

Concierge red-light and laser therapy right to your door (or screen)

From managing injuries and chronic pain to achieving stress relief, weight loss, reaching peak physical performance, and more, there is one perfect person who can help treat and guide individuals on addressing a wide range of health and wellness concerns. 

Whether you’re a performance athlete, a burnout workaholic, a stressed-out parent, or someone who simply wants to live a more holistic, healthy life — the range of services at Holistic Body Lab is laser-focused on your health and happiness.

Nadine Russo, Owner of Holistic Body Lab, has a life mission to change people’s lives by helping others with the same tools, techniques, and treatments that helped change hers. 

“That’s why I founded Holistic Body Lab. With years of experience in laser therapy, fitness, nutrition, stress relief, pain management, and more, I am now able to bring an innovative concierge wellness approach to individuals,” said Russo. “Holistic Body Lab is laser-focused on your health and happiness.”

Holistic Body Lab provides cutting-edge integrated wellness services to help you live your best life. 

“Your path to personal health and comfort shouldn’t have to be invasive,” said Russo. “Our innovative approach to health brings you peace of mind and body through concierge red light and laser therapy services, personalized fitness and boxing training, health coaching, and targeted wellness offerings.”

There are many services offered by Holistic Body Lab, including THOR Red Light Therapy, Anne Penman Laser Therapy, THOR for Pets, cutting addiction with smoking and vaping, and nutrition and health coaching.

Another service offered by Russo’s business is learning how to box and stay in shape with former IBF World Champion Paul Spadafora. 

“We offer virtual and in-person boxing lessons for groups and individuals, exclusively with South Paw Paul Spadafora, aka ‘The Pittsburgh Kid,’” said Russo. “Paul is an old-school trainer with one of the highest boxing IQs in the game. You will learn a lot and work hard.”

There are many reasons why Russo loves what she does.

“I love what I do because of the difference it has made in my life and so many others. For me, quitting smoking was very hard but made super easy with our laser treatments, and I knew I could help so many people,” said Russo. “It’s the best first step to getting healthy. Getting to help people and fur babies achieve pain relief is also very rewarding; I just really like being able to help.”

Holistic Body Lab is for everyone, as anyone can benefit from the wonderful services provided. 

“From movers and shakers, athletes, workaholics, moms and dads, smokers, pets, corporate tycoons, health nuts, and everyone who wants to live a calmer, stronger, happier, and balanced life,” said Russo. 

Meeting you where you are, Holistic Body Lab offers online and in-person consultations, treatments, and training — as well as concierge services for travel destinations, tours, speaking engagements, and corporate and everyday events. 

“Because your personal health, fitness, and comfort come first,” said Russo. 

We meet you where you are by offering online and in-person consultations, treatments, and training— because your personal health, fitness, and comfort come first.

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