Megan Gallagher On “Managing Happiness Your Entire Life”

Megan Gallagher has a whole lot of wonderful going on these days.

At age 24, she is the world’s youngest female motivational speaker. She is also a two-time Ted Talks speaker, #1 best-selling non-fiction author on Amazon, AfterBuzz TV host, podcast host, and mental health advocate. Certainly a great and successful career so far, and her future looks very bright indeed.

But life wasn't always this rosy for Megan, and it was because of the struggles she faced in high school with chronic daily anxiety and panic attacks that steered her toward the successful career she has today. Says Megan, “I felt very alone with my struggles in high school and wondered, as I sat in some school
assemblies, ‘why aren’t they talking about real life issues or self-care?’ I really wish someone would have laid it out for me in high school.”

Megan decided to attend community college, and it was with persistency, tenacity, and an extremely positive inner self that led her to leave college at age 19 and “follow her dream.” Since one of her life’s passions is helping others, it made perfect sense for Megan to choose a career path to fulfill that exact
goal. At age 20, she started her own business and began speaking – for free – at local YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and inner-city schools. “I truly just never gave up,” Megan says. “I did what I knew, and what I knew was to just get started. My own journey with mental health is what inspired me. I am so
passionate about sharing my story and inspiring people. There are so many stigmas with mental health and it’s important to remember almost everyone has things they struggle with daily.”

Megan has used her platform, podcasts, books, blogs, and social media to grow her business to the point where today, she has spoken at over 750 universities across the country, her niche audience being millennials, Gen Z, and young adults. In addition, her fourth book, for which she will be out on a book tour this fall, will be released soon. Another incredible piece of Megan’s story is that she has single-handedly shaped her future. She notes, “It’s been just me for a really long time. I’m my own publicist and manager, and am super-passionate about meeting my goals. I have huge dreams and am so driven and motivated!”

“I want to set teens up for real success; not just here's how to get into this Ivy league college, but here's how to manage your happiness your whole life.”
In her “spare” time, Megan is hosted Miami Swim Week in South Miami Beach last month. The event is dedicated to showcasing the best designers in high-end swimwear. Ranging from Banana Moon to Beach Bunny, each brand is carefully selected and models from all ethnicities are chosen to wear the beautiful
swimwear on the runway. Says Megan, “I felt so honored to be hosting this six-day event, held at the SLS Hotel in downtown Miami." 

“It’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves, and to ask for help when we need it,” Megan advises. “Everything is a choice and we have to want to feel better. At the end of the day, ask for what you want and be your own cheerleader. Hang out with positive people and make sure you’re happy, not
just settling. Put yourself first and do what makes you happy. We’re all still human, and need to remember to give ourselves room to grow.”

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