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Memories With Mom

Ways to Celebrate the Moms in Your Life

This Mother’s Day celebrate enjoying the memories you have made with the women you call “Mom”!

A mom can take on many roles: birth mother, adoptive mother, foster mother, pet mom, mother-in-law, neighborhood mom, school mom, team mom, and many others. Here are some ways to celebrate the special women in your life, in a meaningful way.

Scavenger Hunt

Create clues that lead to hidden treasures in your home, neighborhood, or favorite places. Think of the scavenger hunt as a journey to celebrate the moments that pay tribute to the moms in your life.

Guest of Honor

Decorate her patio, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom in your chosen theme and celebrate serving her favorite meals. Don’t forget to do the dishes! She will appreciate not having to cook or clean.

Memory Game

Pop some popcorn and create your own game celebrating the special women in your life. Make cards that say “Funniest Memory,” “Favorite Meal,” “Sweetest Memory,” etc. This is the perfect way to get together on Zoom with those special women we can’t visit, but want to honor.

Picnic in the Park

Pet moms will enjoy getting out in the sunshine with their families and furry loved ones. Pack your mom’s favorite things to eat (or get takeout from a local restaurant) and walk, hike, or play catch with your furry friends.

Gratitude Gift Basket

We all know them—the women who go the extra mile. They may have the home where every neighborhood kid gathers or be the mom who is always raising school funds or organizing team schedules. Get the kids together to create handwritten cards or art, and compile them in a gift basket or gratitude jar to show thanks to these special women who make their lives better because of their involvement.