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Former Model Daniel Bruce Wimer Pays Close Attention to the Subtleties of Design and Manufacturing to Produce Fashions Men Want

Article by Michael Beightol & Daniel Bruce Wimer

Photography by Stephen Neilson & Daniel Bruce Wimer

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

DIBI Menswear

On Northwest Highway in Lake Barrington, just past Kelsey Roadhouse, is a locally unique business in a small strip mall. The products offered are designed, merchandised, marketed, and sold in an upscale men’s fashion boutique. All product design, manufacturing, merchandising and selling are due to the gentleman behind the enterprise, Daniel Bruce Wimer, founder and CEO of DIBI Menswear.

Entering the shop triggers a feeling of calm. The apparel is logically displayed, and it’s easy to get a sense of what might appeal to you (or the guy in your life). The product array is surprising, for the golf course or a formal event, for the weekend or after hours, as well as a dressier take on business casual. There are plenty of accessories, too, such as watches, socks, ties and belts.

Locally Designed

Men's Fashion

Daniel relaxing in a shirt by DIBI ($75); pants from 7 Diamonds ($125); elastic Belt by DIBI ($45); and a watch by DIBI ($59).

Much of the product is DIBI branded, but Daniel has filled in the selection with comparable apparel he favors because the owners behind those brand names take a similar approach to men’s fashion. Shirt from 7 Diamonds ($89); shorts from 7 Diamonds ($89); sunglasses by DIBI ($59); elastic belt by DIBI ($45); and shoelaces by DIBI ($10).

Shirt by DIBI ($75); pants from 7 Diamonds ($125); shoes available on Adidas.com ($85); leather belt by DIBI ($65); and sunglasses by DIBI ($59).

Upscale Shopping

Casual to Formal

The pandemic hastened Daniel’s drive to open his own retail shop. When Covid hit hard last year, the wholesale market quickly dried up. The shops around the country that had been steady customers over the years went into the different phases of lockdown, resulting in cancelled orders. Daniel’s plan was to always open his own shop, so when the opportunity to transform the space around the corner from his office-warehouse revealed itself, he moved quickly to renovate the shop to reflect the DIBI brand.

Learn more by visiting DIBI Menswear, 28686 W. Northwest Highway in Lake Barrington. Also be sure to browse the website (ShopDIBI.com) to see a wide selection of apparel and accessories available to order online.

Shirt by DIBI ($60); joggers from 7 Diamonds ($125); sandals available on Reef.com ($65); slim leather wallet by DIBI ($40).

Shirt by DIBI ($60); pants from 7 Diamonds ($125); leather belt by DIBI ($65); and watch by DIBI ($59).

Shirt from 7 Diamonds ($75); shorts from 7 Diamonds ($89); elastic belt by DIBI ($45); watch by DIBI ($59); and sunglasses by DIBI ($59).

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