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“Helping people is hands down my favorite part of my job,” exclaims Dion. Whether it’s a tax refund or saving clients millions of dollars in tax debt, Dion helps people sleep at night by taking away the stress, burden and fear of taxes. 

Dion Malcomb has been in the tax resolution industry for 18 years and has been the owner of his own tax resolution firm since 2010. He loves helping individuals and businesses alike, for financial stress can be debilitating. I asked Dion how to live a financially happy life- here’s his advice:

Financially happy people realize you do not have to accomplish everything all at once.  I believe it is important not to “sweat the small stuff” and be present in your life and your family’s life.  While you do need to maintain a budget, you do not need to always be worrying about how much money you have in your bank account.  I believe you should always live within your means and you should not try to “keep up with the Jones.’” Finally, NEVER GIVE UP!! Life is full of ups and downs, but you can get through whatever situation comes your way and emerge stronger on the other side! 


“I really enjoy working with ambitious people and partnering with them to help them become successful,” says Jason. Working as a CPA and tax professional for 20 years, Jason Garcia knows the importance of financial organization. He started at a large public accounting firm, later spent time in the oil and gas industry as the director of tax departments, and then founded Mile High Tax & Accounting in 2015.

Jason is an expert, and he loves helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. He helps his clients understand their financial position and operate in a more tax efficient manner.  “Showing a small business owner that they can keep more of their hard earned money is the goal at the end of the day,” Jason comments. I asked him how to live a financially healthy life- here’s his advice:

Living a financially healthy life starts with having the right advisors to help you meet your specific goals.  Most people need a good tax advisor/accountant, financial advisor, and insurance agent.  A good tax advisor will help you keep more of your earnings and assets, and help you make tax efficient decisions.  A financial advisor will show you how to invest and grow your assets, and an insurance agent will help you protect both your assets and your future income. Once you have the right advisors in place, you can then start moving closer to reaching your financial goals!


38 years in the automotive industry, and although his daily work is complex and complicated, his recipe for living a happy life is quite simple: “Trust in the lord, and stay positive,” says Scotty Young. 

When it comes to auto repair in Arvada, it’s all about earning loyalty and trust. Scotty and his team are committed to doing just that. “My Favorite thing about this work is helping people fix their cars the right way,” says Scotty with a smile. He is confident in his talents and takes pride in handling every vehicle with care and skill.

Founded on the basic idea that everyone deserves respect, the family of technicians and service staff at Arvada Auto Tech see their work as more than just a job; rather, it is their vocation and livelihood, and every member of the team is invested in customer satisfaction.

Arvada Auto Tech and Diagnostic Center

5395 Marshall St

Arvada, CO 80002


“My favorite thing about what I do is making my clients’ lives better by improving their homes,” says AJ Taylor. Working in the construction industry for over 25 years, AJ understands the importance of making the complex, rather simple; that is exactly the work he invests in as owner of Kitchen Tune-Up Arvada. He loves helping clients realize their dreams, create aesthetic functionality, and transform the ordinary into extraordinary: “We provide families with a place to organize, refresh, reconnect and rejuvenate, all while feeling proud of their accomplishments and their home.”

AJ and his wife Judy built their business around listening to their client’s goals and providing the results promised. They are a powerhouse of creativity and delivery, and they turn their clients into raving fans.

Kitchen Tune-Up


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