Men of Influence

Our partners share about the men who inspired and impacted their success personally and professionally.

On Wednesday, April 12, the Allen Americans took on the Kansas City Mavericks at Credit Union of Texas Event Center. Allen City Lifestyle hosted our gentlemen advertising partners and leaders from our community in a suite, and enjoyed a time of fun, laughter, and great conversations about the influential men in our lives. The guys also gathered on the ice for a photo following the game. 

When asked about the men who have inspired and shaped them, many of the gentlemen in attendance reflected on strong, hard working fathers who molded and guided them, instilling their sons with their values, faith, and strong work ethic. Others shared about influential friends, mentors, and former employers who, in one way or another, influenced them to become the men they are today. 

The men who attended represent some of the best in our community. They are men who exemplify what it means to work hard, treat others with kindness and respect, and give back to the community generously. Allen City Lifestyle is proud to partner with the best of the best in our community. 

Greg Cozad

CycleBar Allen


“My dad taught me about integrity, tenacity, and humility.” 

Brian Edwards

Big D Mechanical LLC

Partner / Owner

“My dad, Bobby Edwards Sr., was the man of influence in my life. He taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to, to never let someone else dictate my life, and that no matter how many times you fall or get knocked down, you have to get back up.”

Marshall Ensley

Allen Eyecare Center

Optician / Networking

"A man of influence in my life is Eric Atherton with ResoluteBC, LLC. He is a biblical counselor I've been seeing for a while now. Eric constantly challenges me to step up and be the Man of God I'm called to be in both my career and at home. I cherish his friendship and guidance." 

Eric B. Hoyle

Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club

Community Events Director

“I’ve been fortunate to have many men coach me over the years, but the one who helped me to become what I have become today is a former resident of Heritage Ranch, Frank Seestrom. Frank was the Chairman of the Activities Committee and mentored me when I took over this position in August 2008.”

Ron Jones

Memro Music


"The man who influenced me the most was my father, Patrick Henry Jones, Sr. He taught me about God and my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. There is no greater life lesson that a man can get. He was also responsible for starting my piano lessons when I was only six years old."

John Schulmeister

Allen Texas Attorneys (Northcutt, Dean, Balius & Schulmeister)


"My father, Chris Schulmeister. He has shown me that hard work persists and overcomes, but that no matter all the accomplishments and success, nothing is more indicative of a successful life than the family that surrounds you and the love you share. In short: work hard, but don’t lose sight of what comes first."

Michael Streight

Luxury Lifestyle Training

Owner & Operator / Executive Concierge Coach

“My dad, Ray Streight. He and my mom cashed in everything to move my three sisters and me from Indiana to Dallas, Texas. Fast forward 20+ years later, he has worked so hard in pursuit of his entrepreneurial ventures. I am so thankful to see his success, and honored to now be pursuing entrepreneurship myself. Thank you and love you, Dad!”

Bill Walsh

Allen Contemporary Theater

Board Member / Master Set Builder

"My father, LTC Bill Wash Sr., was always the one who I looked up to as a measure of success in my family, personal, business and moral life.  He was always bigger than life, yet approachable to everyone. His dignity, humor and work ethic made him like no other person I have ever known. I was lucky to have him as an example of how to be a great father, husband and friend. Although I could never be what he was, he was who I always strived to be." 

Jared Whitehead

Big D Mechanical LLC

President / Partner / Owner

“My dad, Andrew Whitehead, has always encouraged me to be the best I can. Always do the right thing and do it to the best of my ability. He has always worked hard and taught me to work with a servant's heart for God.”

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