Menopause and the Publix Parking Lot

Brookhaven Women's Health & Wellness Helps Find Wellbeing at a Challenging Crossroads of Life

Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, joint aches, muscle pains, weight gain, depression and thinning hair. Pour yourself another cup of coffee or glass of wine because this list of symptoms is the recipe for a long night of terrifying medical google searches. What’s even more terrifying is that nearly half of the population is likely to experience some, or even all, of these symptoms in a compounded period of time. We are talking about menopause.

According to the U.S. National Institute on Aging, perimenopause often begins between age 45 and 55, and can last anywhere from seven to 14 years. During menopause, and for some even in the years following, women can be forced to cope with these disruptive physical and psychological symptoms, many of which can get in the way of relationships, work, hobbies and result in foggy memory, making it even harder to find your car in the Publix parking lot (why are Atlanta drivers so crazy?).

The good news is that menopause can be managed and, perhaps most importantly, hormone imbalances can be corrected – just don’t start googling the “how.” Here’s why: many doctors and gynecologists are focusing on one phase of reproductive life: maternity and pregnancy. But, unlike most other female mammals (with the exception of a handful including beluga whales and narwhals) our lives go on after our reproductive years. And those years can be just as fulfilling and full of energy as the earlier ones.

Just ask Kim Teasley, the director of Brookhaven Women’s Health and Wellness. After going through a tough divorce, she felt like she had lost her zest for life and the sparkle she was known for. After doing a tour of doctors offices in Atlanta, she still wasn’t able to pin down the issue. That is until she decided to give bioidentical hormone therapy a try.

We know hormones are the messengers we rely on to tell different parts of the body how and when to work to keep us happy and healthy. Hormones control everything from the breakdown of food to sex and brain function. When hormones are out of whack so are we, and that’s where Kim found herself. However, as a self-described health nut, conventional hormone therapy didn’t feel right to her.

She worked with her doctor to develop a plan to introduce her bioidentical therapy. Unlike synthetically manufactured hormones, bioidentical hormones are often advertised as being a safer, more natural alternative to manufactured hormone therapy. Once Kim began treatment she quickly felt like she got her sparkle back.

Kim now works with Dr. Woodson at Brookhaven Women’s Health and Wellness to bring this sparkle to their patients. 

It’s important to note that every midlife woman will not have the same timeline or degree of symptoms. They also won’t need the same amount or type of support. In Kim’s role she helps women reflect on how they feel, both from and a mind and a body perspective, and she works with a team of doctors to create a customized program to help alleviate symptoms. Starting early is also key. These treatments are most effective around the age of 40 or 50, before menopause fully begins and symptoms seem unmanageable.

Menopause is a natural, but sometimes bothersome process. However, it’s not a marker of the end of what gives our lives meaning and purpose – or a reason to accept not having the enthusiasm to chase down the next chapter of life with gusto! Channel your inner Kim, and the folks at Brookhaven Women’s Health and Wellness, and create a plan to change the way you feel and journey through life – in the Publix parking lot and beyond!

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Brookhaven Women’s Health and Wellness has more than just hormones. We can’t get enough of the following services:

  • Skincare Consultation – They offer free personal skincare consultations to discuss your individual skin type, conditions and goals. You will receive education on aesthetic services, treatment plans and products for your customized home-care regimen.
  • Customized Clinical Facials – Geek out over a skin analysis that is completed with every facial service. Enjoy the deep cleansing and light exfoliation designed to improve texture and reveal a healthy glow.
  • Health and beauty products– Visit them for the highest quality, medical-grade skin care products backed by science with advanced technology and delivery systems. You can expect meaningful results from the best ingredients available including exfoliators, anti-oxidants, vitamins, brighteners, stem cells, growth factors, peptides, hydrators and spf.
  • Microdermabrasion – The diamond-tip wand will be a girl (or guys) best friend as it gently removes dead skim. You will see immediate improvement in texture, tone and clarity with no downtime or discomfort.
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