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Fall Fashion for a Man Starts With Jeans, Boots and a Jacket.

Article by Daniel Bruce Wimer

Photography by Daniel Bruce Wimer

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

As we approach fall and winter the possibilities are endless. Break out your vests, thermal tees, and flannel. Burgundy, emeralds, and golds, oh my! It is all about layering these pieces with pops of color to keep it fun and festive. Warm earth tone colors work well with the cooler weather. That beautiful fall sunlight brings out the subtle details in the clothing and accessories.

I personally enjoy a clean look, such as my favorite stretch denim, casual button-down flannel, go-to leather belt, pair of fun socks, trusty ol' leather boots, and depending on the weather, a beanie and/or scarf.

What are my thoughts on basic pieces needed for every guy’s wardrobe? It starts with jeans, boots and a jacket. For jeans be sure to have a pair each of blue and grey denim, and make sure it’s not something you work in the yard with. A good pair of leather boots take time to break in, but once they do and you take care of them, they will last forever. I have one bulky winter coat I use for shoveling the driveway and playing with the kids. Otherwise a middle-weight jacket with pockets can be used to dress up even a favorite t-shirt.

While I design, manufacture and sell apparel for men, some of my favorite clients are women. I love when wives, girlfriends, and grandmothers come into the shop. We have a good chat about who they are shopping for and for what type of occasion. With very little conversation we end up with some fantastic choices for any budget. The best part is when they return and let me know that their gift was a huge success!

About the Author: Daniel Bruce Wimer is a former model, and now designs, makes and sells apparel and accessories for men under his DIBI Menswear brand. Shop his retail store in Lake Barrington (28686 W. Northwest Highway) and visit

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“Fashion can feel intimidating, but when

you walk through the doors of DIBI,

you start your personalized fashion

experience that gives you both

stylish looks and confidence.”

  • DIBI Leather Gloves ($90)
  • Beanie ($48); Shirt ($145); both by DIBI; Denim by DL1961 ($158); Frye Boots ($298)
  • Sunglasses by DIBI ($125)
  • Daniel's look is DIBI Beanie ($48), DIBI Shirt ($145), DIBI Jacket ($249), Denim by DL1961 ($158) and Frye Boots ($298)
  • Daniel is wearing Shirt ($145) Denim by DL1961 ($158); Frye Boots ($298)
  • DIBI in Lake Barrington
  • Leather Gloves by DIBI ($90); Jacket ($249)