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Dr. Sam Clinch, Founder and Medical Director

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Men's Health & TMS

A Medication Free Treatment for Mental Wellness

Article by Nina Baldacci Sloan

Photography by Daniel Holton -

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

June is National Men’s Health month! In addition to promoting men’s wellness through good nutrition habits, exercise, and recovery, it’s a time to encourage those we love to take advantage of the many resources available for early detection and treatment of life-threatening diseases, including depression.

Extensive research from reputable organizations like the CDC and the Mayo Clinic have found more than 6 million men suffer from the effects of depression each year. Yet, depression in the male population often goes undiagnosed. Symptoms are instead categorized as fatigue, irritability, or loss of interest. Looking back over the past several years, statistics show only 11% of US men seek and receive mental health treatment or counseling. For those that do seek treatment, standard medication treatments often prove ineffective or lead to unwanted side effects, such as stomach upset, fatigue, and problems with sexual performance.  

Dr. Sam Clinch, Founder and Medical Director of Inspire TMS Denver, opened his practice after realizing the limitations of medications and counseling for a significant portion of his patients, including men. He dove into the latest studies on advanced treatments and saw that TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) was providing solutions for those with treatment resistance or medication side effects.

TMS is a cutting edge, non-invasive, medication free approach to treating depression with no systemic or long term side effects. Approved in 2008 by the FDA, TMS pulsates a magnetic field across the skull at a targeted location in the brain known to be operating ineffectively in depression. TMS stimulates the outer brain tissue to recalibrate faulty neural pathways, returning them to a healthier state conducive to mental well-being. TMS is an underutilized treatment option that is safe, well-tolerated, and highly successful at relieving depression and other mental health symptoms.

A hallmark study involving 42 clinics across the US showed 58% of patients experienced significant response for depression after 30 TMS sessions. That’s remarkable as around two-thirds of people with depression don’t experience symptom relief from the first antidepressant they try and up to a third don’t respond to multiple medication attempts.

Dr. Clinch’s proven, successful treatments are not exclusive to men. He and his team are inspired to alleviate mental illness and improve the mental wellbeing of all the patients they treat. They respect all backgrounds and cultures and want to hear their client’s stories so they can best guide treatment and care.

To learn more about TMS, or Dr. Clinch and his amazing team, please visit You can schedule online or call 720-466-8675 for a free initial phone consultation to see if TMS is right for you.

  • Dr. Sam Clinch, Founder and Medical Director