Mental Health 2024 Tips

New Roots Counseling Founder Offers Five Family-Friendly Points

Create Space for Gratitude:
Practicing gratitude literally rewires our brains away from anxiety and stress. Make space in each day or week to identify five things for which you’re grateful.

Move More:
We don’t care how you do it. Walk, stroll, meander, paddle, climb or dance to get your body moving. Research shows an active body is less likely to feel anxious or depressed.

Be Generous:
Generosity helps reset thought processes and sparks joy. Schedule regular times this year to be generous with your time or other resources by volunteering or donating.

Connect With Your Crew:
Time with friends and family (or 'Framily') who make you feel loved and appreciated, and who make you laugh, is priceless and can be a serious mood booster. Make regular space for this need in 2024.

Balance, Balance, Balance:
To better juggle all of life's variables, you get to say 'no' to some of the things that don’t bring you health and wellness. This year, enjoy more rest while you focus on your mental health and whole-person well-being!

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