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Creating your perfect beaded baubles

Christmas is a time of year for traditions. Many of these cherished rituals revolve around decorations, and handmade ones tend to have particularly special meaning.

Plain balls, whether clear or colored, glossy or frosted, are easy to transform into unique ornaments using readily materials. Pick your favorite colors of balls. Match tiny sequins, sparkly beads, delicate flowers, and everything in between to produce a sophisticated rather than gaudy effect. Use PVA glue to draw swirls, stars, or stripes onto balls, then roll them in glitter spread on a plate. 

Alternately, create patterns with tubes of metallic contour paste or glass outliner. You could also try finishing off your baubles with feathers, glittery butterflies, small shells, wired beads, or cluster of fake berries. 


plain tree balls

PVA glue

rhinestones and sequins

tweezers (optional)

small glass beads

thin wire

small paper or fabric flowers


old brooches, bracelets, and necklaces


cotton thread

Step 1:

Place a ball in a cup to hold it upright. Dab small blots of PVA glue onto the surface in your desired pattern. Let the glue dry slightly or the decorations may slide off. Apply rhinestones or sequins (it may help to use tweezers).

Step 2:

To make a hanging loop, thread small glass beads on a short length of doubled cotton thread. Knot one end first to stop the beads from slipping off. Pass the beads through the hoop at the top of the ball. Tie the ends together. 

Step 3:

Wire the stems of three or more small flowers. Wire them around the metal fixture at the top of the ball; you may be able to poke the stems down through the perforations into the center of the ball itself. 

Step 4:

Tie a ribbon bow around the top to hide any visible flower stems and wires. Finish off by adding a vintage brooch, pendant, or other jewelry item. Attach it to the ribbon or to the glass- bead loop. 

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