Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Understated Elegance. That’s how Metalmark Fine Jewelry co-owner Samantha Larkins describes the stunning assortment of jewelry available at her Denver store.  Metalmark offers unique, one of a kind jewelry you won’t find anywhere else.

“I think that’s what great about our jewelry, you’re not going to see it everywhere.  We are selling items that are unique and different.  When we are purchasing for the store, we are looking for unique,” Sam tells us.

Metalmark Denver is an intimate, bright jewelry store located in the LoHi neighborhood.  The store carries exclusive pieces from 28 designers, many of which are Colorado based.  Sam carries her own collection Samantha Louise at the store and tells us that she enjoys designing jewelry just as much as selling the pieces.

“I opened the Denver store in 2016 with my co-owner Mary.  But I had an interest in jewelry beginning in high school.  I got a degree in Art from UC San Diego and then went to the Gemological Institute of America and got my gemology degree there.  I apprenticed in North Carolina for a few years and now I am in Denver,” Sam tells us.

And her outdoor Denver lifestyle inspires her to make jewelry that is easy to wear on any occasion, from hiking in the mountains to an elegant dinner date.

“I am connected to the outdoors and my jewelry reflects that.  It’s meant to be worn and lived in.  My pieces reflect my lifestyle and the local area.  People here want quality but also are understated.  That’s what I am inspired by.”

Sam also says she is inspired by the talented jewelers who sell their exclusive pieces at her store. Designer Agaro is a featured jeweler who creates pieces that are reminiscent of the ancient jewelry making standards of the Mughal Court in India.

“We picked up an Indian designer and we are the only store she sells in.  She creates all hand enameled pieces.  The jewelry has intricate designs and are very colorful,” Sam says. 

You will also find Sam’s jewelry line at the store.  The Samantha Louise collection is described as “18k yellow gold with a warm matte finish. It is sprinkled with white, champagne, rose cut and rustic diamonds.”  Some standout pieces from the collection include the Diamond Petal Band, a Mini Halo necklace, and Rose Gold Leaf Earrings.  You can shop the collection online at metalmarkfinejewelry.com or you can visit the store located at 1600 Boulder Street in Denver.

“We are in LoHi and have parking close by.  We can also come to you.  That’s something we are doing more of, going beyond the store and into the greater Denver area.  We can come to you, you can shop the collections online, or give us a call.  We work with our customers over the phone too,” Sam says.

Spring is the perfect time to visit the store and check out the exquisite jewelry collections.  Visit

metalmarkfinejewelry.com or call 720.441.4635 for more information.  The friendly team at Metalmark will be ready to help with all of your jewelry needs.

 “Jewelry reflects history and what is important to my customers.  Jewelry becomes who we are.  That’s why I make jewelry, because memories are important,” Sam says.

Sam’s Spring Jewelry Picks:

Agaro Ananta Band $1350.00

Devere Necklace from the Ila Collection, Price Varies

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