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How the Methods of one Medical Spa Create a Dream Team for Derma Care

Protecting us from the elements, defining our features, and keeping us healthy, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and is an organ that needs as much attention as the heart. Although getting the right lotion or face mask can be beneficial, there are times when more care is needed, particularly during the winter months. You might have considered a trip to the spa as a part of your self-care routine, but have you ever visited a medical spa?

For many, the thought of a medical spa may seem daunting or spark visualizations of needles, lifts, tucks, or providers pitching the newest age-reversal techniques. These are misconceptions Skylar Bowers and her partners, Flora Walker and Dr. Tamera Bowers at Method Medspa, want to change. 

Bowers explains, “I think a lot of people are intimidated to go to a medical spa because they think they are going to hear all the things they need to do, but really we’re very honest. Our services are not a necessity. They are, however, something you can do to enhance how you feel about yourself and your overall well-being.”

If you're wondering what sets Method Medspa apart, the distinction is a close, educated team. Best friends since grad school, Skylar Bowers and Flora Walker are both nurse practitioners. Dr. Tamara Bowers is also a licensed physician and Skylar’s mother-in-law. The team has a close partnership that is focused on the needs of their clients.

During the holiday season, taking time for ourselves often gets pushed to the back burner. Colder weather takes a toll on our skin and overwhelming schedules impact our mental health. At Method Medspa, Bowers and her team provide services to combat both.

“Facials and massages are not only relaxing, but they can also promote positive improvements in our physical and mental well-being. Facials are very nourishing to the skin. They also help with stress relief. One thing a lot of us are facing today is constant contact. While this can be a good thing, it can also be draining. By scheduling a facial or a massage or really any medical spa service, clients can unplug and unwind a bit,” Bowers comments. 

Offering a consultation called METHOD, Bowers noted, “We like to start by assessing what prompted the client to make the visit. What was their mission for scheduling? Mission. That's what the "M" stands for. Then, we evaluate and examine the skin so we can assess skin-related concerns the client wants to focus on or what else they might want to maintain. We also like to talk our clients through what they like about their skin."

From designing treatment plans to reviewing what home treatments will work, the team at Method Medspa is all about evaluating the needs of their clients. Rather than just providing services, the team at Method MedSpa operates under the philosophy that they are a part of their client's treatment team.

To learn more about Method Medspa or to book your next service, visit: methodmedspa.com.

By scheduling a facial or a massage, clients can unplug and unwind.

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