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Method Medspa

A Professional, Thoughtful Environment

A special team of women work together at Method Medspa to empower clients by helping them look and feel their best. Co-founders Dr. Tamara Bowers, Flora Walker, and Skylar Bowers, along with Practice Manager Mallory Geismar, lead a group of professionals offering medical-grade esthetic procedures and services with the goal of enriching lives.

“From a physician’s point of view, the field of esthetics is really growing. There is so much research out there showing that people are taking better care of themselves,” shared Dr. Tamara Bowers. “I enjoy helping them do that and feel better about themselves.”

Everyone has specific needs and desires, so the team works together to develop a customized plan for each individual that goes beyond the surface. “We promote self-care first, and everyone needs self-care. We encourage everybody to take time for themselves, especially out of all the hustle that we experience daily,” said Skylar Bowers. “It can look like a brow wax, some filler in your cheeks, or a massage. These services are not a necessity, but they are fully meant to empower individuals so that they feel good about themselves. We're not trying to necessarily anti-age everyone, we're just trying to make everyone feel the best about themselves.”

As a full-service medical spa, certain procedures require physician oversight due to the medical component, taking services a step further than a regular spa. “Dr. Bowers is a very hands-on medical director who, for example, works with our massage therapists to make sure that their massages are not only therapeutic but also medically appropriate,” explained Skylar Bowers. “We want the Method experience to be relaxing, but there is a component of that you're seeing a medical provider.”

Even though Method Medspa is a woman-owned business, they have intentionally created an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. “When we were deciding on the name, branding colors, our services, and the decor in the building, we worked really hard not to make it overly feminine,” explained Skylar Bowers. “Aesthetic services are for everyone, and we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here.”

Additionally, to best serve their clients, continuing education as part of professional development is a priority. “We each consider ourselves as ongoing learners. There have been phases in our careers where in certain aspects we've reached expert level, but we try not to be stagnant in that,” said Skylar Bowers. “In addition to our continuing education for the services we offer as injectors, estheticians, and massage therapists, we also seek out education for business leadership. It is important for anyone starting a business to keep an open mind and be curious of how you can grow as a leader and motivate other people on your team.”

All these elements come together to create a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere. “Method Medspa is such a professional, thoughtful environment,” shared Mallory Geismar. “It's such a collaborative work environment where everyone is focused on the same goal, naturally enhancing and helping each individual feel the best in their skin.”

For detailed information on services, descriptions of procedures, and online booking, visit or call (423) 661-8280.  Method Medspa is located at 1807 Taft Highway Suite 2 in Signal Mountain. Follow Method Medspa on Facebook and Instagram for specials and extra insights into services and procedures.

“Method Medspa is such a professional, thoughtful environment. It's such a collaborative work environment where everyone is focused on the same goal, naturally enhancing and helping each individual feel the best in their skin.”