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Michael Mohica

+Chef +Entrepreneur +Family Man +Owner, Kanak Attack Catering, Pineapple Express and Kanak Kitchen

I was born and raised on the North Shore on Oahu and moved to Idaho to attend the Boise State Culinary Program, graduating in 2000. My passion was to learn from the best and bring the flavor of Polynesian cuisine to a state where it was mostly unheard of. During this transition in life, I realized my desire to do catering. I spent the next seven years catering all types of events and eventually opened my first restaurant, Ono Hawaiian Café. Don’t get me wrong—it wasn’t always an easy venture, but with the support and love I received from the community, it made the trials and tribulations well worth it. Through the years, I have dedicated my life to bringing the best catering and taste of cuisine to events with Kanak Attack Catering, and in 2018, I opened Pineapple Express Hawaiian Restaurant in the heart of Meridian. Coming this fall, we will be opening Kanak Kitchen 11-11 in the beautiful downtown Boise Plaza. This is only the beginning of our adventure, and I plan to keep creating new ways to keep my customers satisfied. Aloha!

What is your definition of success?

Success is having people remember your name based on how excellent the food and experience was. Having repeat customers throughout the years shows we must be doing something right.

What is something you are proud of?

I have been serving the Treasure Valley for the last 19 years. Longevity in the food industry is extremely hard, and I am proud we are still a lasting brand.

What is something you are passionate about?

Family, ohana, is my number one—not only my biological family but friends and members of the community. I’m exceedingly passionate about food and culture and the quality of what I provide.

Always be the hardest working man in the room.