Trends in Kitchen Innovations Revealed

Consumers are emphasizing health over all else in 2020. The desire for healthy living impacts families' needs and wants.

Publisher’s Note: Michele Buch was excited to share what she and her husband, Denis, had learned at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) that concluded in late January. Fresh from the trip and with new insights on products for homeowners remodeling this year, the owners of Boone Creek Cabinetry & Design spent time recently with SW Lake Lifestyle’s Michael Beightol to share what they learned.

SW Lake: Let’s start with appliances. What did you see at the show that you believe will resonate with homeowners here?

Michele Buch: It’s always hard to narrow things down to just a few, but we really liked the Plum Wine Dispenser. It’s an appliance that provides winery-grade preservation by keeping an open bottle in perfect condition for up to 90 days. A quick scan of a bottle’s label determines the perfect serving temperature for that varietal, and displays info about the region, vintage and more on a 7-inch HD touchscreen. Dispensing different serving portions is easy, too, with a single touch. It works with standard 750 ml wine bottles whether they are natural or synthetic cork or metal screw top.

Denis Buch: Sustainability and energy conservation are always hot topics. We like a new dishwasher from Miele that features an integrated (and fully recyclable) PowerDisk that automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent for each cycle without the homeowner needing to fill the dispenser cup each time. This is an eco-friendly feature because it reduces the amount of dish detergent used, keeping it out of the waste stream. It’s thoughtful engineering.

Michele: Sometimes the best inventions are solutions to old problems. For the laundry room, we like the GE UltraFresh Front-Load Washer because gaskets and internal components are infused with Microban, an antimicrobial agent that combats the growth of mold and mildew. Ventilation added to the door allows the interior of the washer to fully dry out after a load. Using front load laundry machines in our designs is always preferred for ergonomics and aesthetic value. We are excited to have this new and improved version to offer our clients.

SWL: What will home chefs be happy to learn?

Michele: We think our clients are really going to love kitchen workstations from an Oklahoma company called The Galley. The greatest amount of time spent in the kitchen is at the sink, so this company has innovated sinks to include workstations for food preparation, serving and entertainment. These are installed in kitchen islands with sinks and interchangeable nesting components, such as stainless style storage containers (with lids) and cutting boards. We installed a Galley workstation in our show room, and we love how clients are discovering all the ways to use this groundbreaking product.

SWL: Let’s go back to trends. What else did you learn?

Denis: Consumers are emphasizing health over all else in 2020, so much so that their desire for healthy living is impacting needs and wants in home renovation. Rather than just focusing on exercise, stress reduction and diet to improve their own well-being, homeowners are also integrating the notion of wellness throughout the design of their homes and the products they choose. In fact, homeowners are prioritizing their well-being to the extent that they are willing to pay a premium for products that will help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. Just a few of the wellness-focused updates include:

  • Paint, flooring or cabinetry made from non-toxic materials.
  • Moen has a smart faucet offering convenience, precision and voice-activation technology that streamlines tasks. A user can even ask for “half a cup of hot water” and the faucet dispenses an exact measure. Plus, because it’s touchless, the spread of germs is minimized.
  • LED lighting that changes the tone and color of light.
  • Water and air purification systems.

Michele: For surfaces quartz countertops continue to be extremely popular. There’s a product from Cambria called Buxton that’s made from upcycled materials, such as quartz trimmings and fall off pieces that ordinarily are sent to the waste stream. Cambria is recovering this material, in some cases incorporating Microban, and offering new colors including a lighter colored material that we really like.

SWL: What about cabinetry?

Michele: From our own practice, dare I say we may be at the beginning of a trend of “old is new again.” We’re doing natural stained cabinets using species such as beech, and (in one instance) a client who says she’s always wanted cherry cabinetry.

Denis: At the Las Vegas show we really liked some new lines of cabinets, including kitchen hoods and shelving, made from wood and clad in metal finishes. It’s a look that’s ideal for adding a pop of accent color to a kitchen. Once people see this, they’re going to like it.

Michele: One more product innovation we discovered is something for the master bath. It’s cabinetry that incorporates storage places for hair dryers, curlers and other plug-in beauty devices. The cabinets come delivered with outlets installed so the need to plug in these kinds of devices and lay them on the countertop is eliminated. That’s a smart design that really caught my eye.

About the Authors: Michele and Denis Buch are the owners of Boone Creek Cabinetry & Design. Visit or call 815.385.8414 to schedule a visit to their showroom.

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