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Josh and his family. Even the dog has a role.

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40 Years Servicing German Cars

Generations of OC folks put their German-made cars in the trusted hands of Josh Stickle.

In Orange County, you will find a small, family-owned business around every corner. Each of these businesses has a “Main Street America” story that is integral to their mission and values. At Mike’s Foreign Car Inc., this story traces back to a father and son who carry the respect and admiration of German cars, and for each other; each inspired to exceed customer expectations with quality parts and honest service for hard-working families like themselves. 

Mike’s Foreign Car, located in Anaheim, is the OC’s leading car repair shop specializing in Volkswagen and Audi and is well known for its honest, competitive prices and timely diagnostics, repair, and maintenance.

What many German car owners may not know is that Mike’s Foreign Car has been around for 40 years. It is a second-generation auto shop co-owned by Mike’s son, Josh Stickle, and his wife Kirsten, who took over operations in 2016. Josh’s parents, Mike and Nyla Stickle built the business from scratch in 1978 in a small garage with just the two of them. Growing up, Josh would spend much of his time in the shop, sweeping and cleaning parts while his father worked. Mike not only taught Josh about working on cars, but also instilled the values of honesty, hard work, and the importance of taking pride in your work. Josh recalls that when he was really young his father would work on the cars alone, and his mother would run out for parts when needed. Josh learned about the specifics of German Automotives from his dad which fueled his passion to be a mechanic himself.

Once Josh and Kirsten became parents, their perspectives on life changed completely. Although Mike certainly taught Josh to have pride in his work, their daughter Olive gives them great pride in their family. Now, the Stickle’s give back to their community by donating to CHOC, local school programs, and youth organizations. Regardless of the challenges they confront, the Stickle’s remain proud of their family thanks to the smiles Olive consistently brings to their faces. 

The generational thread of this small business can be found with both the owners and the customers themselves. Josh grew up in this auto shop and now he is serving some of the same customers who saw him working with his dad when he was a kid. Josh says he is proud to continue the family tradition at Mike’s Foreign Car, and now he sees their children and even grandchildren who are new drivers in need of a mechanic to work on their own cars.   

Having experienced its challenges, the Stickle’s story represents the journey of opening a small, family-owned business in America. If you value family businesses and quality service, stop by Mike’s Foreign Car Inc. in Anaheim, CA when you are looking for maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, an engine rebuild, or restoration of your German-made car. The Stickle’s and their team offer high-quality service at a much lower price due to their specialization in German cars. They even offer a shuttle service within five miles of the shop, as well as a 2 year/24,000 miles warranty. Once you visit Mike’s Foreign Car Inc., you become a part of their story.

Mike's Foreign Car is located at 2818 E. Miraloma Ave., in Anaheim. They are open Monday through Thursday from  7 AM to 5 PM, and Fridays from 7 AM to 4 PM. | 714-630-7113

  • Josh and his family. Even the dog has a role.
  • Great team and quality work.

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