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The local community connection to health and wellness.

This is the time of year when people are talking about health and wellness. As a certified yoga instructor and a former boot camp leader, I recognize the benefits of cardio, weight training, and yoga. But I also know that the relationships we intentionally create are equally important in renewing our energy, strengthening the core of who we are, and stretching to become the best versions of ourselves. 

My New Year's resolution is to show how transformational building relationships and making connections in the community can be to your mind, body, and spirit. 


I was eleven years old when I lost my mom to cancer. She was thirty-six. During a recent church retreat, I realized I've been searching for my mother my whole life. Along the way, I've met women who have become touchstones for me. Through that mindful discovery, I've become very intentional about connecting people I meet to these incredible women who inspire me. I feel renewed each time I help make connections for them. I have realized that the more I help women, the more I become a happier, healthier woman. Level up your health and wellness goals this year by creating the mindset to elevate the people around you and work toward building new relationships. 


Between being married to my husband Dan for 33 years and raising our three boys, I understand that women can easily put aside their own health and wellness goals to care for everyone else around them. Your body needs time to rest and revive. One person who can genuinely help with that is Carol Anderson, owner of Nouveau Med Spa in Downtown Kirkwood. Carol is one of the women who continue to inspire me with her trustworthiness and authenticity. Her approach to skincare extends beyond the superficial, emphasizing education as she guides her clients through skincare solutions focusing on whole-body health benefits. The fear surrounding med spa services, particularly injectables and fillers, dissipates in her capable hands. The fact that Nouveau doesn't sell memberships or packages at discounted prices speaks to Carol's commitment to transparent pricing and developing relationships based on personalized journeys toward self-care and transformative experiences. You deserve to feel better about yourself, and it's not only possible but essential for health and wellness. 


I am wide open to spirituality within the warm embrace of my church and our community. I strive to live my life in gratitude and gratefulness. I write down what I'm grateful for every day. It doesn't have to be ten things. It can just be one thing. I call it my Blessing List. The one thing we all have in common is our ability to choose to be grateful. I don't know any other way to live a complete life filled with health and wellness that flows from the inside out. 

 Community Relationships

The relationships we create in our community have a multi-faceted impact on our health and wellness. A wonderful place to start to build relationships is within your church or community organization. Another perfect place to start a conversation is with a local small business owner. Walking into a store and connecting with the owner, the staff, and the customers releases a level of energy that transcends a traditional workout. I work at Paisley Boutique in Webster Groves, and I can see and feel the positive energy created between our team and our customers. When small business owners like Carol Anderson at Nouveau ask, "How are you today,” they genuinely care about you. I advocate shopping locally because once you build a relationship with a small business owner, I can't imagine going online to buy anything. I am not an Amazon shopper. I can find absolutely everything I need in Webster or Kirkwood. Far from being transactional, local business owners like Carol at Nouveau can transform your health and wellness goals in 2024.

Connecting mind, body, and spirit through community relationships is the key.

"Your body needs time to rest and revive."

"The relationships we create in our community have a multi-faceted impact on health and wellness."

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