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Tennessee Ketamine & Wellness Center

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug that’s been safely administered by anesthesiologists since 1970. Over the past 20 years, physicians learned ketamine also can be used to successfully treat major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), substance dependence and chronic pain.

An associated Nashville area medical facility, Tennessee Ketamine & Wellness Center, provides relief to local residents, as well as those throughout the United States.

“We give hope to patients who haven’t responded to other treatments for these conditions,” explains Randall Malchow, M.D., a board-certified anesthesiologist and the center’s medical director.

The staff’s newest protocol, Ketamine for Alcohol Dependance (KAD) to treat alcohol dependence or curb unhealthy alcohol amounts, was added last July. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration statistics, alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Tennessee, with nearly one million adults suspected of having an alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction.

This KAD treatment is among the first of its kind in America, announces Dr. Malchow.

Ketamine can work in three different ways to effectively treat pain and depression, he confirms. “It increases the amount of glutamate in the nervous system, which increases neuro connections so the brain and spinal cord process pain in a healthier way, which also decreases depression. It resets pain receptors. With chronic pain, these receptors are turned on all the time. Ketamine quiets them down. It decreases the inflammation in the nervous system that contributes to pain and depression,” he states.

Dr. Malchow is an acknowledged U.S. expert on ketamine administration. He served as an anesthesiologist for 25 years in the armed forces before retiring as a colonel and becoming an associate professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He was the first Vanderbilt physician to offer extended ketamine infusion therapy. In 2015, he established one of the few ketamine infusion centers in the Veterans Health Administration and the only center targeting opioid reduction. He’s also published more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, and serves regularly on worldwide medical missions supporting those in need.

The center’s Franklin-based team assists patients through various methods: intravenous (IV) infusions, nasal sprays administered on-site, NAD infusions and other supplements to support overall well-being.

Practice manager Carrie Stout-Holder says prospective patients first schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation, and are provided with specific assessment forms that can be completed swiftly on smartphones, tablets or computers. Protocols are customized to each patient.



Weight Loss Centers of Nashville

In addition to losing weight, Dan Schneider, D.C., and Ethan Kellum, M.D., co-founders of Weight Loss Centers Of Nashville, say the center’s clients report improved energy, digestion, mental clarity and sleep, along with a newfound boost of self-confidence and decrease in joint pains.  

Working via proprietary nutraceuticals over specified periods of time, Dr. Kellum says their supplements help clients with fast weight loss by curbing hunger cravings and increasing fat metabolism. "Our supplements are a blend of amino acids, a B-vitamin and herbs, free from hormones and stimulants. They're safe, natural and devoid of significant side effects or medication interactions," he explains.

Dr. Schneider reminds that healthy, sustainable weight loss is not always just about a calories in versus calories out equation. "Effective weight loss involves reducing inflammation and improving cellular sensitivity to the body's natural hormones that are essential for regulating metabolism."

The program's emphasis on real foods, portion control and a balanced diet is a key focus. Dr. Kellum highlights, "We advocate for a diet consisting of fresh, satisfying ingredients from regular grocery stores, focusing on lean proteins, vegetables and fruits."

The center’s team also builds plans for both vegans and vegetarians.

Dr. Schneider says they apply a unique approach to metabolic reset. "Our program is designed to reset the metabolism, rather than merely speeding it up, distinguishing us from many other weight loss programs."

Having a weight management coach and a healthy support system is vital to making permanent and sustainable changes, adds Dr. Kellum. “Our commitment to providing continuous, comprehensive support through our app ensures a supportive and effective weight loss journey for our clients."

Those interested may schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of the center’s weight loss care coordinators at 125 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste. #240, in Franklin. The rest of the program is designed to be accomplished from the comfort of clients’ homes.

Dr. Kellum shares the center's success rate: "Clients typically lose about 10-20% of their total body weight in just 60 days, a much quicker rate compared to other programs. We're not just reducing weight; we're enhancing overall health."



Dan Schneider, D.C., co-founder of Weight Loss Centers of Nashville, is enthusiastic about new weight loss medications, such as semaglutide and tirzepatide. He says, "These medications represent a significant advancement in weight management, offering not just effective weight reduction but also improved metabolic health."

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