Mindful Gifts

Picking Up Positive Energy for Yourself and Others

Article by Rylee Arnold

Photography by Joseph Rivers (Jay Sonata Photography)

Originally published in Allen City Lifestyle

Being more mindful and in harmony with our emotions is the cornerstone of becoming a happier and more centered person. For Vonda Kay, owner and founder of Mindful Mermaid LLC in Allen, becoming more mindful is the key to de-stressing one’s life. 

Mindful Mermaid LLC was created after Vonda, a former family law attorney, realized just how much stress she was under in her profession. After beating breast cancer, Vonda decided she “wanted a new chapter”, and, during her meditations one day, she “envisioned [herself] in a shop”, and knew that she had to take a leap of faith in opening up her own metaphysical gift shop in the form of Mindful Mermaid. 

For many people, crystals can hold power that goes beyond just aesthetics. The same can be said for the numerous items offered at Mindful Mermaid, such as books, candles, essential oils, incense, jewelry, and more. These products can be “display[ed] around your home," says Vonda.

Mindful Mermaid offers many different products to help you give back to yourself, or to find something unique and unexpected for a friend. Each of their products has distinctive properties and uses, making no two items alike. Vonda sources many of her products from a local vendor who has been in business for 30 years, and is meticulous about ensuring that she is delivering quality products to her customers. 

“Crystals, you connect with them” Vonda explained, “They’re a great part of self-care.”

For those who are interested in getting started in their own mindful journey, Vonda recommends looking into the wide selection of books that they carry in-store or attending one of the many classes that they offer. “We can educate anyone who has questions about our products or events,” Vonda says. 

Mindful Mermaid offers many different classes and events that cater to meditation and so much more. They have an upcoming meditation class on December 3rd and many more throughout the month. When asked what class she was most looking forward to, Vonda said that the “Moon Circles are [her] favorite because it’s a wonderful gathering of women [who are] able to bond with one another [and] help keep [each other] focused on [their] goals.”

All in all, Mindful Mermaid LLC is all about “community and bonds.” Vonda shared. “That’s what we want to create in our store.” And create it, she has. 

If you’d like to learn more about Mindful Mermaid LLC, have an interest in purchasing their products, or wish to look into the wide variety of classes that they offer, please visit their website at https://www.mindful-mermaid.com/shop.htm.

Vonda Kay is the owner and founder of Mindful Mermaid LLC, located at 604 W. Bethany, Ste. 108, Allen, TX 75013.

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