Mindset Refresh

15 journal prompts to help promote positive thinking

Mindful reflection in gratitude can bring a fresh perspective on the present. Check out the following journal prompts to help you practice self-care and focus on the positive things in your life.

1.     Write down any acts of kindness you received or witnessed in the past week.

2.     Where is your favorite place to recharge and why?

3.     Write down the most influential affirmation you have received.

4.     List five personality traits you’re grateful for.

5.     Name three of your most significant accomplishments.

6.     What is the most stunning place you’ve visited?

7.     Choose a stressful situation from your day and reframe it in a positive way.

8.     What friends are you most grateful for having in your life?

9.     What is your favorite time of day? How do you prefer to spend that time?

10.  What is your favorite form of creative expression? When do you feel most creative?

11.  What is your most valued family tradition and why?

12.  Think about three people who you have trouble getting along with. Name three positive qualities about them.

13.  Describe something you saw this week that melted your heart.

14.  What is your favorite song and how does it make you feel?

15.  Write about three people who love you.

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