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Miranda Lambert Gives Us A Peek Into Her Childhood

With A Brand New Cookbook

As if being one of the most decorated artists in country music (38 ACM Awards, including a record-setting nine consecutive Female Artist of the Year Awards, 14 CMA Awards and three GRAMMY Awards), having her own clothing and boot line, Idyllwind, launching a foundation to promote the adoption of rescue pets and starting her own home goods collection, Wanda June isn't enough, Miranda Lambert can now add author to her list of her accomplishments. Being released later this month, Y'All Eat Yet? Welcome to the Pretty Bitchin' Kitchen is Lambert's debut into the world of books.  

Y'All Eat Yet? is a collection of recipes that mix childhood memories with traditions and lots of love around the family table. Lambert says she owes it all to the two generations of women who raised her, her Nonny Wanda Louise and her momma Beverly June. Those influential ladies are not only the inspiration behind this cookbook but also for her Wanda June home goods collection available exclusively at Walmart that launched just last summer. We got to talk with Miranda about her new book, her home accessories line and some of her favorite childhood memories. 

At what point in your life did you realize you had a special childhood and wanted to write about it to share with others?
ML: I think I realized it early on, actually. I wrote my first song at 14 and it was about growing up in our small town of Lindale, Texas. My childhood has shown up in my music through the years – and now a lot of those memories are in the book! 
How long did it take you to put this book together from conception? (ie rounding up the recipes, old family photos, etc) 
ML:  It’s been almost three years of work to get all the stories and recipes down on paper and make it all make sense. I am excited for my fans to see and read it. 

You talk a lot about female bonding in the book. What's one way you like to get together with your girlfriends?
ML: We revolve almost every gathering around cocktails and snacks. Our best memories are about just being together, no matter what we are doing or where we are. We always bring the fun. 
I love your tribe. Your intros to them sound like you've got some wonderful people around you. What advice would you give to a disconnected woman today who is still looking to find her tribe? 
ML: Find people that lift you up, but also tell you the truth. A group of friends that loves you through ups and downs is so special, and I’m very thankful to have them. 

I'm sure it's hard to choose, but do you have a favorite Nonny recipe other than her famous cookies? One that truly takes you back to your childhood?
ML: Her dressing is a family staple for us. Since she passed, we have been trying to get it right, but we never can do it quite like her. She used her magic touch. 
You say you like eating more than cooking, but tell us, is there anything you've mastered in the kitchen that you truly enjoy putting together?
ML: I make taco soup a lot. It’s quick and easy and goes a long way for gatherings or parties. I also love making peanut butter cookies. Super easy and delish. 
The Wanda June kitchenware is kinda retro 70's. What was the inspiration behind it? 
ML: A lot of my grandmother’s and mom’s old dishes that have been passed down have a retro feel, so we wanted to bring that out in Wanda June. I feel like retro never goes out of style – and it’s super fun. 
You're so busy (music, touring, writing, Pink Pistol, winery, MuttNation) - what do you do to unwind? 
ML: I have a farm about an hour from Nashville which is usually the place I go to recharge. All of my animals and airstreams are there, and I really just feel so balanced and peaceful after a few days in the country. Our friends come hang out there as well, so it’s just a cool, chill vibe. 
What's next for you? Got anything up your sleeve?
ML: I always have something up my sleeve! I’ve been writing music a ton, so that’s been fun, and I am about to kick off another leg of the Velvet Rodeo residency in Vegas. I’ve been loving that, so I’m pumped!

"I love what happens when you put people together with good food, drinks and a fire, on a porch or next to an Airstream. It's not about the fancy - it's about the fellowship."