Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A Quick & Easy DIY Bathroom Mirror Update

So, our bathroom mirrors were typical builder-grade plates of glass attached to the wall. If you read my letter from the editor (first page of this issue), you know we have been updating our humble abode. We recently added decorative frames to our bathroom mirrors. What a difference! This project was so easy and affordable, that I just had to share it with you! I’m going to walk you through it step by step. Don’t worry…no special tools or skills are necessary. You can transform your bathroom mirrors in a day. Let’s go!

Items Needed:

  • Wood trim of your choice (cut to fit mirror dimensions)

  • Four decorative wood corner pieces (found at home improvement stores)

  • Spray paint or can (we suggest semi-gloss to protect wood from moisture in bathrooms)

  • Double stick tape (one roll should suffice, but if you have a large mirror or multiple mirrors, check the length included in the package to make sure it is enough)

Step 1: Measure your mirror. For this project, you will be adding a square corner piece, so don’t forget you will have to subtract the length of that piece x 2 for all four sides. (Your trim will butt up against this corner piece, so you won’t even have to make any fancy angled cuts.)

Step 2: Head to the hardware store and pick your pieces of decorative wood trim and corner pieces. (HINT: If you know your dimensions, you can cut your pieces at the hardware/home improvement store and save yourself the mess at home.)

Step 3: Paint pieces desired color. (I chose to match the color of our door trim and bought a quart of color?) You can use spray paint or paint from a can. (HINT: I had to use a primer first because the wood was raw and apparently, very thirsty. It soaked up the primer so fast, that I had to give it three coats. Also, I was originally going to spray paint my pieces, but I wasn’t happy with the finish after a couple of coats, so I ended up brushing it on. It turned out great.)

Step 4: Attach painted pieces to the mirror using double stick tape. Believe it or not, this was very sturdy and solid. (HINT: Use a level to make sure your trim is level and plumb before pressing it into place.) 

That’s it! We did two bathroom mirrors in a weekend including our extra coats of primer and paint. I love the new look. Now I wish I would have done this years ago. If you update your mirrors, shoot me an email with a pic and let me know how it went. kathy.graham@citylifestyle.com. Good luck!

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What a difference! I love the new look. This project was so easy and affordable, that I just had to share it with you! 

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