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Remodeling a Franklin Home with JLS Designs

There comes a time in every homeowner's life when remodeling and upgrading are a necessary part of maintaining your home's value. Whether you want to add more living space, upgrade finishes or your home simply needs more functionality, it's inevitable that a remodeling job is in your near future. We sought out the help of award-winning designer Jennifer Smith of JLS Designs who shared her most recent remodel.

"As with any project that you start, it pays to make sure everyone is on the same page: homeowner, designer, contractor. A good working relationship with all parties is key to the outcome," she says. "Interview all parties before starting your project both individually and together as a group. You’ll thank me! Time on the front side will save you money on the back side."  

Jennifer shared some tips to keep in mind if you're headed down the renovation path. 

Tip 1: Storage

"I am a big fan of being organized! Lazy susans for spices and condiments are lifesavers for being able to see everything. I especially love them under the sink for cleaning products. Storage bins and baskets are must for keeping everything organized and in plain sight. Label everything. My personal favorites are the washable chalk stickers."

Tip 2: Lighting

"The most important aspect of your kitchen to finish it off! Make sure that you have multiple layers of lighting: task, ambient and accent lighting. Pay attention to the placement of each and the height in the overall plan. The scale of your lighting is important as well. This is one place that you can have fun and make a statement. Don't be afraid."

Tip 3: Flooring 

"Tile/stone and wood floors are the top options for today's kitchens. Before selecting your materials, make sure to consider the overall look of your space and coordinate with keeping in mind the safety, durability and clean-ability. If you have an open floor plan, most homeowners opt to keep the same flooring throughout the entire space.

"Time on the front side will save you money on the back side."

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