Mixing Business and Marriage

Meet Boerne Couples Who Join Together In Work, Life, and Love

Article by Brandi Jameson

Photography by Paula VM

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Growing a business is often referred to as a “labor of love.” Those words ring true for these local couples who’ve come together not only as entrepreneurial partners but in holy matrimony. Operating a business with your spouse may seem challenging, but as these couples can attest, the rewards far outweigh any obstacles. When it comes to joint ventures in profession and love, they’re finding success every day.

Baron & Shan Wiley
Boerne Radio 103.9FM | boerneradio.com

The gateway to great music makes its home on Main Street with Baron & Shan Wiley at the helm. Operating out of their studio in the Richter Building, they’ve spent the last three years bringing the greatest hits in rock and country music to the Boerne airwaves.

Baron is a 2023 inductee into the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame. His industry experience spans more than 30 years, including positions both on the air and behind the scenes. Still, Shan saw an opportunity to help her husband. “He was underwater. Just couldn’t get everything done. So I said, ‘Ok, hand it over.’” She left her executive director position at the nonprofit Any Woman Can to join Baron’s side. “This is his dream come true,” she says.

Over their 23-year marriage, the couple has raised two daughters and found happiness working side-by-side. “The challenge is that radio is 24/7,” Baron says. “A lot of times, I’m working at night while she’s in the next room. But we try to make that time up. We’ll go have dinner. I still date her.”

“You just need to have a great solid base and friendship to make it work,” Shan explains. “Communication,” Baron chimes in. “And we just like each other. We’re best friends.”

Micah & Michele Morgan
Quality Innovations, Inc. | qualityinnov.com
Quality Innovations, Inc., has been operating in Boerne since 2004 under owner Micah Morgan. Specializing in designing and building unique structures, remodels, summer kitchens, commercial build-outs, and more, Micah and wife Michele’s goals are to bring their customers’ dreams to life.

The couple married in 1993 and spent 11 years working in the oil and gas industry, although not together. But after hearing a message in church one day, Micah decided it was time to follow his heart into entrepreneurship. When Michele’s work dynamic changed in 2006, she decided to join her husband. Though she never intended to work in the business full-time, she now manages the administrative side while Micah oversees projects. They agree it takes both their roles to bring the balance that makes their company a success.

Challenges can arise when much of the time spent together centers around work, but the Morgans enjoy the flexibility of the business and take spur-of-the-moment getaways whenever they can. As for the future, the couple plans to hand the business off to their son and enjoy retirement, traveling and spending time with their grandchildren.

Ronald & Courtney Daigle
JordyLolo Events, JLE Studio | thejlestudio.com
For college sweethearts Ronald and Courtney Daigle, the COVID pandemic was a time of inspiration. In a creative effort to entertain their two young daughters, Courtney began decorating the house in themes and posting photos online. The positive response was overwhelming and pushed the couple into starting their own company.

It wasn’t long before the growth of the business presented its first challenge. “We needed a place to create,” Courtney explains. “We found an awesome warehouse space in Boerne – we call it a creative studio. That’s how JLE Studios came about.”

Courtney says it was their need to have a fun, creative outlet that has led to the success of the businesses. Both she and Ronald serve in the Air Force and Civil Service, respectively.

Though balancing marriage, careers, and two businesses with small kids underfoot can be difficult, they take every opportunity to spend quality time together. “We have a babysitter when we’re doing an event, so we’ll take advantage once we’re done working and go out to eat or do something together,” says Courtney.

In the future, the couple would love to have a wedding venue, but for now, their focus is to get to know the Boerne community.

Mary & William Holt
Holt & Holt Funeral Home | holtfh.com

50 years ago, William and Mary were two kids growing up in the same New Orleans neighborhood. Little did they know this childhood friendship would blossom into happily ever after. “I think I first had a crush on my wife in high school,” Williams says. “Now I get to do life with my best friend.”

It was within their 33 years of marriage that William first got the idea of working in the funeral business. “We were watching a show about mortuary school,” explains Mary. “I was just being goofy and I said, ‘I bet you’d be good at that.’ Next thing I knew, he was enrolled!”

For several years, Mary helped while maintaining her career as vice president of an accounting firm, but she came on full-time after the couple purchased their Boerne location in 2017. “There’s nothing I cherish more than the life and love I share with my wife,” says William. “I wouldn’t be where I am if not for Mary.”

Mary gives all the credit to William, acknowledging that while the work they do is serious, he has a compassionate gift. But William has his own reasons why it all works. “I always give Mary top billing, so she’s the first ‘Holt’ in ‘Holt & Holt Funeral Home.’”

Debbie & Greg Moats
BlindsNMotion | blindsnmotion.com

Nothing says “falling in love” like getting engaged three days after a first date and married three months later. That’s exactly what Greg and Debbie Moats did nearly 26 years ago. “I met him through my dog groomer,” Debbie laughs. “He kept asking me out and I wouldn’t go. Finally, I said ‘yes’ and we were inseparable.”

Debbie began her small drapery business in 1993 as a single mom working on the floor of her living room. After she and Greg married, he joined the business full-time after their youngest left for the Marines. He brought in the manufacturing, including customization, motorization, and automation. “You have to learn how to play off each other’s strengths,” says Greg. “She makes it look pretty, I make it function.”

They agree the biggest challenge is having a personal life that doesn’t center around work talk at the dinner table. To keep the balance, they travel. “We’re going on a Mediterranean cruise,” Debbie says. “The reason we like cruises is because there’s less access to phones and emails. We can truly disconnect for a brief time.”

The couple is looking forward to expanding in the future, including manufacturing new product lines and purchasing a bigger building. “We’re not here for the money,” Greg says. “We’re here to make people’s lives better with what we provide.”

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