Mobile Veterinarian Service

Get Best Pet Care Right At Home

Instead of having to spend time traveling to a veterinary clinic and then waiting for the appointment, Mobivet offers the convenience of having pets cared for right in their homes. Established in 2019, the team serves Brentwood, Metro Nashville and Williamson County.

“It’s less stressful for the pet,” says Mobivet marketing manager Lauren Wallace. “Also, if you have a 160-pound Great Dane who doesn’t want to go anywhere, you may or may not be able to get him into your vehicle.”

One of the most common veterinary services offered in the home, Lauren explains, are annual visits that include dog and cat vaccines and wellness checkups, including blood work.

“Our second most popular service is our in-home euthanasia because it’s a lot less stressful on the pets and on families. It makes it as easy as it can be for them,” she adds.

Veterinarians Dr. John Laster and Dr. Cory Goodlett started Mobivet together and then brought Dr. Eric Fold on board. “Dr. Laster has a lot of experience with large breed animals (his wife raises Great Danes), Dr. Goodlett is very compassionate and has a lot of orthopedic experience, and Dr. Fold is ex-military and very precise and very organized in his work,” Lauren relays.

Dr.  Laster and Dr. Goodlett also own a veterinary clinic and can perform surgeries on the pets they normally care for in the home. Mobivet can transport the pet to and from their clinic or to other nearby clinics.

“If your pet is in need of emergency care, we will refer you to Nashville Veterinary Specialists or BluePearl Pet Hospital and try to get those appointments prioritized,” says Lauren.

The Mobivet van carries some basic medicines, such as antibiotics, but if pets need something else, Mobivet also offers an online pharmacy.

Notes Lauren, “We’re just like a normal veterinarian, and if we can’t get it done in the home, then we’re going to get it done by transporting your pet to a facility where it can be.”


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