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Moments of Clara-ty

A local high school senior and last year’s 'Clara' in The Nutcracker on dance and her South Dayton Christmas traditions

Dance is something I learned before writing and basic speaking. I was taught how to express myself before I even knew what my emotions meant. Ever since I started my training I have learned things about myself because of the strict attitude of ballet and expressive motions of modern. My teachers have been able to change my child motor skills into what I know today as dance. When my movements became a reflection of my thoughts, I became a dancer, and that is what has changed my life. 

Dance has also given me a second family. Spending more than 15 hours a week together, there’s no excuse not to be close. I have made the most amazing friends from dance who always encourage me to be better. The dancer I am today has been molded by the hands of my teachers. They were able to turn my twirls into pirouettes and my leaps into saute de chats. Not only did they teach me how to dance, but they shaped my personality by teaching me patience and respect.

Although I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t dancing, my life is better with it. The study of dance has impacted all aspects of my life positively. It has taught me determination and expanded my creativity. Dance has presented me with so many amazing opportunities that I will always be grateful for. What started as a way for my mom to have some peace and quiet for 45 minutes, has become my passion, and made me into the person I am today.

In addition to my involvement in South Dayton’s School of Dance’s production of The Nutcracker every year, these are a few of my favorite Christmas traditions in the South Dayton area. Enjoy, and have a wonderful season!

Maddy Hoy is a senior at Springboro High School and has danced with South Dayton School of Dance for 14 years. This year, she will play the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the School’s production of The Nutcracker. Showing at the Dayton Convention Center, showtimes and tickets are available for purchase by calling 937.435.5052. 

  1. Christmas in Springboro. This is something my family and I have been doing for years. We love to go shopping in the downtown area and walking up and down the street eating the kettle corn they give out—it’s some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

  2. Dorothy Lane Market. Browsing their bakery section for breads and sweet Christmas treats is something we do every year. I am a huge fan of the Killer Brownie. I can’t remember a single Christmas where we didn’t have something from DLM on the table!

  3. Skating at South Metro Ice. I love to go ice skating with my friends here. We get to dress up in cozy, warm clothing, sip on hot chocolate and just enjoy each other’s company. Nothing says holiday time like ice skating!

  4. The Nutcracker. I’ve been in the South Dayton School of Dance’s performance of The Nutcracker since I was six years old. From casting and rehearsals to showtime and post-performance pasta dinners with the cast, these will always be some of my most cherished Christmas-time memories.